What Does Twix Stand For?

What does Twix stand for? Despite it being one of the most iconic snacks, people have no idea what it stands for.
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A chocolate maker has confirmed what Twix actually stands for.

The iconic snack – which is owned by Mars – first entered production in 1967 in the UK before getting introduced to US audiences in 1979.

The bar of chocolate  – which is usually wrapped in packs of two – is a biscuit which is topped with a layer of caramel and wrapped in a milk chocolate coating.

Despite being one of the more recognisable brands in the world, surprisingly, not many people know the meaning behind the name Twix.

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In a Twitter post, Fooji asked the brand directly if Twix is short for ‘twin biscuit sticks’.

Surprisingly, the account behind the chocolate bar responded and said: “Close! It’s short for ‘twin sticks’.”

The name does make sense as most bars of Twix do come with two bars.

However, you can get singular bars and packs of four.

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Since finding out what it stands for, people have taken to social media to react to it.

One person says: “I didn’t know that and I worked for them for decades.”

“Twin sticks I always thought,” writes someone else.

A third person adds: “I always thought the name reflected that it was in between a cookie, and candy.”

“You think you know everything, and then…” another person mentions.

Twix has shared that the name stands for ‘twin sticks’. Credit: Alamy

Twix is not the only iconic chocolate condiment that people are only just discovering the true meaning behind its name.

People are only just finding out what the M&M initials actually stand for – even though it is recognised as one of the most popular snacks in the world.

The title of the chocolate comes from the surname of its founders Forrest Edward Mars Snr and Brucie Murrie – who discovered the chocolate brand in 1941.

The American chocolates are inspired by the British chocolate Smarties, which is evident as both brands are known for their colourful chocolate coating.

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It has been reported that during the Spanish Civil War Mars was helping manufacture sweets for soldiers.

This is where he discovered Smarties and found out the purpose of the chocolate-covered shells.

In an article published by History, it explains: “Mars purportedly encountered British volunteers eating small chocolate beads encased in a hard sugar shell, which prevented melting.

“In an age when sales of chocolate typically dropped off during summer months due to the lack of air conditioning, Mars was thrilled by the prospect of developing a product that would be able to resist melting in high temperatures.“

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