‘Nose Cover’ Trend Young People Are Doing In Family Photos Has Finally Been Explained

Gen Z-ers have been doing the 'nose cover' trend in family photos - and now, one mum has explained the reason why...
Credit: @parisfury101/TikTok

Young people have been partaking in a bizarre ‘nose cover’ trend in family photos – and now, the internet has found out why…

A recent trend amongst the youth has left many people feeling absolutely baffled.

Gen Z-ers around the world have been covering their noses in family photos, leaving older siblings and parents confused and concerned.

But now, it’s been confirmed exactly why these young people are partaking in the ‘nose cover’ trend.

However, not everyone is convinced by their explanation…

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You may have spotted certain members of Gen Z covering their noses in photos.

Tyson Fury’s 14-year-old daughter Venezuela was seen covering her face in a family picture posted on mum Paris Fury’s Instagram along with Paris’ niece Valentino.

The strange move had left many millennials scratching their heads.

However, now, the real reason behind the unusual photo trend has been disclosed…

Nose cover trend
Gen Z-ers have been covering their noses in family photos, baffling their elder relatives. Credit: @parisfury101/TikTok

What is the ‘nose cover’ trend?

Mum Michelle Harris opened up to Fabulous about the trend, explaining: “After several attempts to snatch the perfect Christmas family photo, I turned to my teen and finally asked him why.

“’Is everything OK, why won’t you show up in family photos for the handsome boy that you are anymore?’

“And then the big whopper… ‘Are you being bullied?’

“To my surprise, he turned to me and laughed saying: ‘No, but I will be if you post pictures of me online without my consent!'”

Harris continues: “He went on to explain how the ‘nose cover’ is just a signal to their peers that they won’t be caught ‘slipping’ which we eventually translated to meaning ‘off guard’.

“So essentially the ‘nose cover’ for most is just a way to avoid being a target for ridicule in their digital spaces with friends.”

Parenting experts and founders of The Carol App, Holly Zoccolan and Amanda Jenner, also spoke to Fabulous about the weird social media trend.

'Nose cover' trend.
The confusing ‘nose cover’ trend has finally been explained. Credit: @parisfury1/Instagram

Jenner explains: “Using covers is the only way they can remove themselves without actually upsetting their parents by refusing to be in the photo.

“The online world is a very hard thing for teenagers to tackle as we all know. But to have pictures across social channels which parents have taken and maybe not perfected can really affect teenagers.”

The expert adds: “It’s important to remember that this phase is a normal part of growing up, where seeking independence and establishing personal boundaries are key developmental milestones.”

However, not everyone is accepting this explanation.

One writes on Facebook: “Stupid reason. Some day they’ll wish they had nice family photos to remember the good times and they’ll all have their hands in their faces.”

Another agrees: “I am sooo glad my kids are grown and I have amazing pictures of them in all sorts of places and events and holidays… as well as their friends.”

While a third laughs: “Aww when their frontal lobe is fully cooked they will have this regrettable memory stuck in there for the rest of their lives!”

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