Expert Shares Five Common Signs Your Relationship Is Coming To An End

Jeff Guenther, a TikTok relationship expert, has shared five signs that your relationship is over.
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A relationship expert has revealed the five common signs your relationship might be over. 

If you’re feeling unhappy in your relationship, it can be tricky to decide what to do next.

You may face a major decision – whether to work through the issues you’re facing, or whether to just cut and run.

Sometimes, it can be helpful to look outside of your relationship for some expert advice on the topic.

And this week, expert Jeff Guenther has shared his five major signs that a relationship might just be done…

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Jeff Guenther has shared his five major signs that a relationship might be over. Credit: @therapyjeff/TikTok

Guenther has previously gone viral thanks to his relationship advice on his TikTok account @therapyjeff.

He’s shared his edit of the five relationship issues most people don’t come back from, leaving the internet speechless.

“I got 5/5 – what’s my prize? Hint: It’s divorce,” joked one.

“I’m currently experiencing all of these. I’m only here for the kids and am getting my ducks in a row so I can leave,” a second admitted.

So if you’re wondering whether your relationship may be over, check out the five common signs here:

1. Neglecting small gestures

Guenther explains: “Over time if you stop engaging in little acts of affection like compliments, flirting, touching, or spending quality time together, it’s as if you have become roommates merely crossing paths in the hallway.

“This creates a significant gap, making it feel too daunting to mend things or perhaps, you have already moved on emotionally.”

2. Always having the same arguments

“Frequent unresolved arguments where the same issues resurface without any resolution or repair, lead to deep-seated resentment, contempt, and emotional exhaustion,” the expert goes on.

“This means even minor disagreements trigger a sense of ‘here we go again’, followed by shutdown and withdrawal.”

3. Growing apart

Guenther continues: “Number three, growing apart. Sometimes partners simply grow apart and it leads to unexpected shifts in the relationship.”

4. Craving Independence

Guenther adds to his list: “Occasionally, a partner craves freedom outside the relationship. This often isn’t about the partner’s inadequacy but about a personal journey of self-discovery.

“That partner seeking independence might still love their significant other, but this need often leads to feelings of being trapped, creating a gap in the relationship that’s hard to bridge.”

5. Feelings for someone else

And as for Guenther’s final death knell to a relationship?

“Number five, falling for someone else. Developing feelings for someone outside the current relationship typically signals unmet emotional needs. It’s perceived as a significant betrayal and it erodes trust and breaks emotional connection,” he says.

“The redirection of affection for someone else renders the task of mending the original relationship extremely difficult, if not impossible.”

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