Splinting When Needing To Poop Is A Sign Something Is Wrong

Splinting when needing to poop is a sign that something could be wrong.
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Splinting when needing to poop is a sign that something could be wrong. 

Constipation can be one of the most uncomfortable – and sometimes painful – experiences.

Typical symptoms include going for a poo less than three times a week and finding it difficult when you need to go.

But many people are saying they’ve found a solution to their constipation – even if doctors advise against it.

Find out ways to beat constipation in the clip below…

So before we get down to why it may not be the best idea, let’s investigate what splinting actually is.

Well, one TikToker has gone viral after rather candidly opening up about testing it out.

In a now-deleted video, they say: “You know when you’re sitting on the toilet and you’re struggling to go for a poo but you can just like…”

With their hand, they then make an ambiguous waggling motion with their thumb.

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In a follow-up video, they go into further detail.

“When you’re constipated and like the poop is there but you can’t quite push it out… it’s like turtling,” they explain.

“Just hook your thumb into your v**ina and you can feel the poop, and you can just pop it out. You’re welcome.”


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Many people have taken to the comments and admitted that they have also tried this out.

“There goes my dirty little secret! I thought I was the only one that did this!” one person admits.

Another asks: “Wait, everyone doesn’t do this?”

“Oh my gosh I totally do this but I didn’t know that I was doing it,” comments a third.

Somebody else says: “This really works and is my go-to.”

While splinting is effective for some people, experts say it is not something you should do regularly and if you feel that you need to do it, it could be a sign something isn’t right.

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Back in 2013, 29 patients took part in a study and during an MRI, they were asked to splint to see whether there was a change in their pelvic anatomy.

The team penned in their findings: “Most women in our study group who used manual splinting to assist in defecation are compensating for a pelvic floor defect that can be detected on MRI.”

It was found that 86 per cent of the patients had rectocele, which is a bulge from the back wall of the rectum into the front wall of the v**gina.

While 72 per cent of patients had a cystocele, which involves a prolapsed bladder that bulges into the v**ina.

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