Jason Derulo Explains Why He Sings His Own Name At The Beginning Of Songs

Jason Derulo has finally revealed why he always sings his name at the beginning of songs.
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The ‘Wiggle’ singer has finally revealed why he sings his own name at the beginning of songs. 

Jason Derulo, 34, is best known for the tracks ‘Glad U Came’, ‘Talk Dirty’ and ‘Swalla’. He’s gone on to front TV shows and sell-out arenas worldwide.

Throughout his career, the ‘Jalebi Baby’ singer – whose real name is Jason Joel Desrouleaux – has collaborated with a number of successful musicians, including Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg and Jennifer Lopez to name a few.

He’s also sold over 250 million singles worldwide and has a whopping eleven platinum singles to his name.

But when thinking of Derulo and his success, there’s one thing in particular that stands out to fans.

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For years, many have wondered why Derulo always says his name at the beginning of his songs and finally, the answer has been revealed.

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Florida-born artist shared the reasoning behind the little detail.

He explained that including his iconic intro would guarantee the track was a success.

The former talk show host questioned Derulo on why he had suddenly decided to revive singing his name at the beginning of tracks again, to which the singer said: “Well, it’s a bigger hit if I sing my name at the front, you know, obviously. So, yeah, I had to bring that back.”

Jason Derulo on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
Jason Derulo explained to Ellen DeGeneres why he sings his own name at the beginning of songs. Credit: NBC

Jokingly, Derulo then said that he believes his name could bring success to other artists too – suggesting they sing it in their bangers.

“And I was actually wondering why other people didn’t sing my name at the front of their songs as well because it worked so well for me. They should sing Jason Derulo at the front of their songs,” he joked.

DeGeneres then asked the artist: “Will you sing my name right now?”

To which Derulo responded: “Ooh, yeah. By the way, people ask me to do this all the time, and I always tell them, ‘Hell no’. But you know, it’s Ellen, so I’m gonna do it.”

Pleased with the musical gift, DeGeneres said: “I love it… I’m gonna start my show like that every single day because that’s gonna help.”

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In another interview with Good Morning America, Derulo revealed that TikTok also influenced him to continue with the moniker.

@gma 🎶Jason Derulo🎶 almost stopped singing his name for a time but says a #TikTok trend convinced him to revive his iconic moniker. @Jason Derulo #JasonDerulo #Trend #SingYourNameOutLoud ♬ original sound – Good Morning America

He explained: “It became too much for me, as you can imagine people would ask me to sing their names all the time and ask me to sing my name so it became too much.

“I was like I’m not doing this no more and then during the pandemic, there was a whole TikTok trend that was going on that was like ‘bring the Jason Derulo back’ so I was like cool. I’ll bring it back.”

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