Woman Claiming To Be Prince Philip’s Secret Love Child Drops Huge Bombshell On Royals

A woman claiming to be the love child of the late Prince Philip has dropped a major bombshell on the royal family. 
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A woman claiming to be the love child of the late Prince Philip has dropped a major bombshell on the royal family

The shocking allegation came to light last year when she approached a man claiming to be the ‘secret son’ of King Charles and Queen Camilla.

Simon Charles Dorante-Day, who lives in Australia, has previously gone viral with his claims – he’s sensationally made the headlines by dropping ‘new evidence’ and ‘uncanny’ photos.

And now, a woman has come forward and alleged she can prove that Prince Philip, King Charles’ father, is her dad.

Prince Philip
A woman is claiming to be the secret child of the late Prince Philip. Credit: Alamy

Prince Philip, also known as the Duke of Edinburgh, was the husband of Queen Elizabeth II.

He was the consort of the British monarch from his wife’s accession until he died in 2021 at the age of 99.

Prince Philip and the late Queen welcomed four children: King Charles III, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and Anne, Princess Royal.

Colleen Wensley-Garcia – also known as Grace Victoria Mountbatten – believes she is Prince Philip’s fifth child and her case came to light last year when she knocked on the door of Dorante-Day’s home.

Simon Charles Dorante-Day
Simon Charles Dorante-Day claims he was approached by the woman claiming to be Prince Philip’s love child. Credit: Simon Charles Dorante-Day via Facebook

British-born Dorante-Day told 7News that in December 2023, a woman with an American accent approached his Queensland home.

“This woman claimed that she was the secret illegitimate daughter of Prince Philip who lived in San Francisco,” he told the news outlet.

“She explained that she had travelled from the US after hiring an investigator to track me down in Queensland. The whole purpose of her visit was to ask me for a sample of my DNA.

“She wanted to compare it to hers to basically prove that we were both related to the royal family.”

Dorante-Day told 7News ‘the whole thing just seemed really fishy’ and he was concerned it was an ‘illegal attempt to procure my DNA’.

Wensley-Garcia allegedly wanted to compare their DNA to prove they were both royal family descendants.

It now appears she’s taken things a step further.

Prince Philip
The woman claiming to be Prince Philip’s daughter is demanding the release of FBI and CIA documents. Credit: Alamy

7News has obtained legal papers in which Wensley-Garcia has demanded the release of FBI and CIA documents to prove Prince Philip is her father.

Her case was filed on May 7 in the United States District Court, Northern District of California.

In court papers, Wensley-Garcia alleges her paternity claims have resulted in ongoing threats, harassment and camera surveillance.

She uses claims raised by Dorante-Day in his own case to help prove her allegations.

Wensley-Garcia also alleges that the FBI, CIA and ‘possibly’ the US Department of Defense have her documents, including her birth certificate – which would prove who her biological dad is.

She is demanding they be released to the court.

Simon Charles Dorante-Day
Simon Charles Dorante-Day says he is doubtful of the woman’s allegations. Credit: Simon Charles Dorante-Day via Facebook

Dorante-Day tells 7News he is doubtful of Wensley-Garcia’s claims and says Prince Philip is ‘not that stupid’ he would allow his name to be put on her birth certificate.

He adds that her ‘case doesn’t make sense’ and questions why she didn’t come out with her allegations while the Duke of Edinburgh was alive.

Dorante-Day is also outraged that he has been dragged into it and is concerned that the woman discovered his personal information.

“She didn’t get my permission to name me in this case, she’s got no legal right to party me on this case,” he tells the outlet.

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