Woman Who Has Slept With Over 100 People Shares Which Nationality Is The Worst In Bed

Adult star Coco Bae has revealed which nationality is worst in bed - saying they are 'terrible' in the bedroom.
Credit: @cocosinstaworld/Instagram & The Kyle and Jackie O Show

Coca Bae, a woman who has slept with over 100 people, has revealed which nationality is worst in bed. 

When it comes to adult stars going the extra mile for their content, you may think you’ve seen it all.

From the woman who slept with 122 students over spring break to the star who’s slept with over 500 people, prolific OFs creators are never far from going viral.

But now, it’s Coco Bae who’s grabbing the headlines.

The Canadian model is making it her mission to sleep with men of every nationality – and she’s shamelessly revealing how each country stacks up…

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This isn’t the first time an adult star has spoken out about men’s lack of prowess in the sack…

Annie Knight, who slept with over 300 people in 2023, recently opened up about the one major mistake she thinks men make in the bedroom.

Annie Knight
Annie Knight recently opened up about the one major mistake she thinks men make in the bedroom. Credit: @anniekknight/Instagram

She tells fans (per the Daily Star): “Next to none of them make the time to find my ‘pleasure spot’, they’re all in-and-out, and one-and-done.

“Once they’ve failed at foreplay they go onto the main course and a lot of them act like a jackhammer. I’m not sure who taught them how to f*** but it wasn’t by a woman.”

She continues: “I can’t count how many times I’ve taught a man where the c***oris is or how to reach the G-spot.

“I’ve bled so many times from men being so rough, thinking the rougher the better, and it’s so not right!

“They don’t know anything but you can’t really blame them because it’s not like they’ve had anyone teach them. They’ve grown up watching p*** and think that’s how you f***.”

And she isn’t the only star calling out men’s skills in the bedroom…

Coco Bae
Coco Bae says she’s ‘collecting flags’ by sleeping with as many men from different countries as possible. Credit: @cocobaesplug/Instagram

Coco Bae explains on The Kyle and Jackie O Show that she’s ‘collecting flags’ by sleeping with as many men from different countries as possible.

People have had a mixed reception to her achievements, with one saying: “LOVE HER!!!”

Another points out: “If this was a guy he would be getting a lot of high fives from men.”

“Cackling,” a third simply states.

Coco has slept with men from several countries, such as America, India, Germany, England, and even Djibouti – a small country in Africa.

“My rules are to count the country on his passport, not where the dude happens to be living at the time of our encounter,” she says, per Perth Now.

“My lovers from Brazil were the most enjoyable to be with. They were just up for having fun, whichever way it happens.”

She continues: “Many of the conservative cultures enjoy the most ‘out there’ acts. For example, I have come across many Arab and Indian dudes who really like booty action in various forms.”

Coco Bae
Coco Bae has slept with men from several different countries such as America, India, Germany and England. Credit: @cocosinstaworld/Instagram

In Coco’s experience, the most boring s** was with partners from Germany and the UK, but they were keen to please and good communicators.

She’s also found that Russian lovers have too much stamina, recalling: “I had to tell him I didn’t want to keep at it for hours. I just don’t like it.”

But there’s one country that Coco believes just doesn’t cut the mustard in the bedroom.

After sleeping with ‘over 100’ men from Australia, Coco says Aussie blokes ‘need to step it up a little bit’ when it comes to s**.

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When KIIS FM host Kyle Sandilands asks what men like him are doing wrong, Coco replies: “You’re just not putting in any effort, and you need to wash your hands.”

“What?” host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson exclaims in response. “What’s wrong? Is their hygiene off? I apologise on behalf of Australian men.”

Coca adds: “C’mon, look under your fingernails!”

Kyle then promises: “My fingernails are perfectly clean.”

Coco Bae
Coco Bae said Aussie blokes ‘need to step it up a little bit’ when it comes to s**. Credit: @cocosinstaworld/Instagram

Jackie goes on to explain it’s ‘because we have a lot of tradies here, you see’, asking: “Do you not like a tradie?”

Coco insists: “I love a tradie and their hands are so strong, but they really need to scrub under their nails.”

Jackie questions: “So dirty fingernails and not putting in enough effort? What do they do? Just go straight to the wham bam?”

Coco confirms: “They go straight to doggy.”


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