Woman Pronounced Dead For 15 Minutes Describes Her ‘5 Years In Heaven’

A woman who was pronounced dead for 15 minutes has described 'the five years she spent in Heaven'.
Credit: NDE Diary via YouTube & Alamy

A woman who was pronounced dead for 15 minutes has described ‘the five years she spent in Heaven’.

One of the biggest mysteries in life is what happens to us once we die.

Some believe you’re sent to Heaven or Hell, some talk about seeing light at the end of a tunnel, while others think your soul is reincarnated.

Now, one woman may be able to give us our clearest answer to date.

Find out more about the woman who was ‘dead’ for 30 minutes below…

Dr Linda Kramer went to the bathroom in the early morning and suddenly dropped to the floor and ‘died’ in May 2001.

She was found by her ex-husband, who immediately dialled 911.

Paramedics treated her once they arrived and managed to revive her after 15 minutes.

But they later discovered that she was actually pronounced dead at that time.

Kramer has since discussed what she experienced during those 15 minutes, claiming that she spent half a decade in Heaven.

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Speaking on the YouTube channel Near Death Experience, Kramer explains that she estimated she could walk for about three to six miles in an hour in real life.

So she used this as a benchmark in order to determine how long she spent in Heaven.

She realised that she could visualise any structure and build she has ever seen and manipulate it.

Kramer also adds that she could even embody other people.

Woman who experienced death
Dr Linda Kramer was officially pronounced dead for 15 minutes, but she has detailed her ‘five years’ in Heaven. Credit: Earth To The Other Side via YouTube

The doctor says: “That’s when I found myself standing in what I termed the field of flowers. I was observing the mountain range 30,000 times huger than Mount Everest.

“There’s a huge mountain range over in the back of wherever I was. I could see buildings with skyscrapers. Dubai is like little miniature huts in comparison.

“I saw lakes, I could see everything in a panoramic view.

“So I’m there interacting with people, talking to people, becoming them.”

Kramer adds that if she thought of a new setting, she would instantly be transported there.

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Despite Kramer’s testimony, there is still not enough evidence to prove that there is an afterlife.

Cosmologist and physics professor Sean Carroll at the California Institute of Technology argues: “The laws of physics underlying everyday life are completely understood.

“Claims that some form of consciousness persists after our bodies die and decay into their constituent atoms face one huge, insuperable obstacle.

“The laws of physics underlying everyday life are completely understood. And there’s no way within those laws to allow for the information stored in our brains to persist after we die.”

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