Heartbreaking Final Wish Of Physically Healthy 29-Year-Old Who Died By Euthanasia

Zoraya ter Beek, a physically health 29-year-old woman who decided to be euthanised, has had her final wish revealed.
Credit: Zoraya ter Beek

A physically healthy woman decided to die by euthanasia at 29 years old and now her final wish has been revealed. 

The Netherlands was the first country to legalise euthanasia – the process of intentionally ending life to eliminate pain and suffering.

The number of people choosing to die is increasingly rising.

29-year-old Zoraya ter Beek was just one who chose the controversial practice – and it’s ignited a conversation on social media.

“I just read her story, I hope Zoraya now is at peace,” one person pens.

A second says: “Completely heartbreaking… depression is something that no one can understand unless they have lived it! I could never fault her for the decision she ultimately made.”

“Mental illness is no joke and unbearable for those who suffer with it,” another writes.

Zoraya ter Beek
Zoraya ter Beek’s story made headlines worldwide, igniting an important conversation. Credit: Zoraya ter Beek

Ter Beek was from a small Dutch town and never felt she fit in – as a child she was bullied at school and began dressing as a goth.

“The whole black look looked right because that is how I felt on the inside,” she told The Free Press.

The woman reportedly received little to no support from her family and, at 18 years old, she moved in with her boyfriend.

As a young adult, ter Beek had felt unable to study or embark on a career.

She reportedly struggled with autism, depression, anxiety, trauma and an unspecified personality disorder, which numerous outlets report as borderline personality disorder.

Encouraged by her partner, ter Beek pursued therapy in an attempt to relieve the symptoms of her mental illness, however, this would come to a halt in August 2020.

Ter Beek claimed a psychiatrist told her: “There’s nothing more we can do for you. It’s never going to get any better.”

In her interview with The Free Press, the 29-year-old elaborated: “After we heard that, we all kind of knew what that meant.

“I was always very clear: if it doesn’t get better, I can’t do this.”

Zoraya ter Beek
Zoraya ter Beek stressed that the process to be euthanised is not simple. Credit: Zoraya ter Beek

At this point, ter Beek decided she wanted to apply to die – she would submit her application in December 2020.

Before her passing, she wanted to clarify that the necessary safeguards had been implemented.

She told The Guardian: “It’s a long and complicated process. It’s not like you ask for assisted dying on a Monday and you’re dead by Friday.

“I was on a waiting list for assessment for a long time, because there are so few doctors willing to be involved in assisted dying for people with mental suffering. Then you have to be assessed by a team, have a second opinion about your eligibility, and their decision has to be reviewed by another independent doctor.”

Ter Beek explained that she was asked at every stage whether she wanted to proceed with the decision.

Earlier this year, her assisted suicide request was approved.

Zoraya ter Beek
Zoraya ter Beek’s final wish has been revealed. Credit: Zoraya ter Beek

Ter Beek decided she wouldn’t have a funeral, with The Free Press reporting that her partner ‘will scatter her ashes in ‘a nice spot in the woods’ that they have chosen together’.

She also joked her urn would be her ‘new house’.

The 29-year-old anticipated a peaceful transition, with her partner by her side and the support of a medical team.

“I feel relief. It’s been such a long fight,” she mused.

Following ter Beek’s passing, which reportedly took place on May 22, a tribute was shared that is believed to be from her partner – it reveals her final wish.

The tribute reads: “Now it’s quiet…… no more texts…… no tweets…… no vague shizzle…… no cat pictures…… no motivational kick in the ass……

“And me? I am sad but happy at the same time. Sad to miss it, but there is so much understanding that the sadness doesn’t bother me. Happy because her greatest wish could come true in the way she hoped and wished. That she could go to sleep forever.”

The announcement of ter Beek’s death echoed this, adding: “Zoraya passed away today at 1:25pm. Or as she saw it herself: she went to sleep.

“Her last wish/request is to leave her loved ones alone and, if possible, to swallow disrespectful reactions. She understood that euthanasia for psychological suffering is still a ‘thing’ for some people.”

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