80-Year-Old Man Who ‘Hasn’t Slept For 61 Years’ Claims Doctors Don’t Know Why

An 80-year-old man who 'hasn't slept for 61 years' claims doctors don't know why.
Credit: Drew Binsky via YouTube

An 80-year-old man who ‘hasn’t slept for 61 years’ claims doctors don’t know why.

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, ended up tossing and turning and struggling to get comfortable?

You’re left feeling as if you haven’t slept at all – and you know how much that can affect you the following day.

Well try being the guy who hasn’t slept for 61 years and imagine how he feels.

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Thai Ngoc was able to sleep fine in Vietnam – during the height of the Vietnam War. But randomly on one day in 1962, the man found that he simply couldn’t sleep.

YouTuber Drew Binsky tracked Ngoc down in Vietnam and wanted to find out more about his unusual condition – as well as being intrigued by what he does during all his free time.

“Whatever the case is, I travelled two days from Arizona to a small village in South Vietnam to track him down, stay up all night with him, and see if it was actually true that he doesn’t sleep,” the YouTuber told his followers.

Ngoc said in his interview that he has no idea as to why he can’t sleep – recalling that his wife was ‘alarmed’ to start with.

However, now she finds it ‘normal’.

Thai Ngoc has ‘not been able to sleep for over 61 years’. Credit: Drew Binsky via YouTube

Ngoc has reportedly visited the hospital in the past to look for an explanation for his alleged insomnia, but unfortunately, no one has been able to provide an answer.

Every now and again, if the man drinks enough rice wine, he is able to switch off his brain and reportedly get around one or two hours of sleep.

When asked what he does while everyone else is asleep, Ngoc shared that he passes the time by working and making rice wine.

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He explained that he doesn’t get tired in the same way other people do and that he gets energy boosts from drinking green tea and rice wine.

While he has managed to make the most of his time awake, Ngoc does wish he could sleep like a normal person.

He also used his opportunity to appear on the platform to plea for support and suggestions as to what could make him rest.

After meeting with Ngoc and recognising his reluctance to discuss his life during the Vietnam War, Binsky believes that PTSD might have something to do with his inability to sleep.

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