Gamers Are Noticing They Have Dents In Their Heads After Prolonged Headphone Use

Gamers are noticing that they have dents in their head after using headphones for a long period of time.
Credit: @curtosslive/Twitch & @Tyler1/Twitch

Gamers are noticing that they have dents in their head after using headphones for a long period of time.

If you play video games – particularly competitive games against other people – you’ll understand how important it is to have a good pair of headphones.

The advantage it can give you is beneficial as you can clearly hear the opponent’s footsteps, as well as block out any outside noise that may distract you.

However, some avid gamers are convinced that prolonged use of headphones could physically impact you.

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In a viral video on social media – which has 52 million views on X (formerly known as Twitter) – one streamer shared a clip of him shaving his head for charity.

Upon shaving down the middle, Curtoss noticed that his head was dented.

“I’m looking at an indent here; this is where my headphones go,” he says to his viewers.

“I have a f**king headphone indent in my head. What the f***.

“I thought that was just my hair; I thought just my hair did that.”

Viewers took to the comments to react to the video, with one person writing: “New fear unlocked. Brb checking my head.”

“How f***ing tight do you have your headphones on lmao,” questions another person.

A third adds: “Once you stream on Twitch enough your genetic code changes and your skull becomes soft and pliable.”

Someone has offered an explanation as they comment: “Real explanation is he already might have a weird shaped skull there, or the headphones caused a ‘dent’ in his skin (like wearing a tight ring) that will go away if he takes the headphones off for a few days.

“It’s NOT a skull deformity caused by headphones.”

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So does wearing headphones for too long cause a dent in your head? The short answer is no.

According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, it takes roughly at least 135 kg to cause just a minor fracture to the skull.

Even though our heads won’t change shape, wearing headphones for a long time can lead to an increased threat of hearing loss.

According to ABC, anyone who uses headphones for more than 90 minutes each day could be jeopardising their hearing – with the World Health Organisation predicting that more than one billion young people are in danger of hearing loss.

Professor David McAlpine, director of research at the Australian Hearing Hub, has also stressed how dangerous hearing loss can be.

He explained: “When hearing damage starts, then you’re really on an irreversible journey. If you don’t protect your hearing, you’re going to damage it for life.”

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