Adult Star Abella Danger Says She’s Lost Friends After Having S** With Their Brothers

Adult star Abella Danger says she's lost friends after having s*x with their brothers.
Credit: @‌dangershewrote/Instagram & Abella Danger Official via Facebook

Adult star Abella Danger says she’s lost friends after having s** with their brothers.

Danger, 27, is currently the third-highest-ranked performer on P***hub.

She has a staggering 9.5 million followers on Instagram and regularly interacts with her fans.

Now, Danger has opened up about how her career has impacted her personal life.

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Danger has spoken candidly about the impact her romantic relationships with friends’ brothers have had on her friendships.

During an interview on Barstool Sports’ Answer the Internet, she shared her experiences and thoughts on the matter, showing no apparent regrets.

In response to a fan’s question about whether a guy should pursue his best friend’s sister on Tinder, Abella expressed her opinion – and she didn’t hold back.

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She says: “Yeah, just, like, don’t tell him about it. Because if she matched, then she wants to f*** him too.

“Are guys, like, offended by that?”

The crew assured her that most guys wouldn’t be thrilled about their best friends hooking up with their sister.

Danger admitted to being guilty of engaging in relationships with her friends’ brothers in the past, but she mentioned that she is no longer friends with those girls.

Abella Danger
Adult star Abella Danger says she’s lost friends after having s** with their brothers. Credit: @dangershewrote/Instagram

When asked if the friends whose brothers she had been involved with didn’t care, Abella replies: “Well, I don’t know. I’m not still friends with the girls that I f***ed their brothers, so…”

She even shared an instance where she intentionally became friends with a girl to pursue a s**ual relationship with her brother and informed her about his endowment.

During the interview, Danger also reveals that she has initiated conversations with people through direct messages (DMs) in the past.

When asked if she believed she could be with anyone she wanted, the adult star admitted: “No, because most people will slide into my DMs, but I will admittedly say that I have slid into certain people’s DMs, who did not even open that s***.

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“And I’m, like, f***. Yeah, it was very humbling. Very humbling.”

She expressed how the experience made her realise that she is not always the one in control.

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