Mia Khalifa Slams CEO Who Claims OFs Is ‘More Dangerous’ Than Guns

Mia Khalifa has slammed a CEO who claims that OnlyFans is 'more dangerous' than guns.
Credit: @miakhalifa/Instagram & @alexmeshkin/Twitter

The former adult star has blasted a CEO who claims that OFs is ‘more dangerous’ than guns. 

Mia Khalifa, 30, has made a name for herself on social media thanks to her huge following.

She’s known for being outspoken, from calling Leonardo DiCaprio a ‘manchild’ to saying men are ‘cheap’ and ‘easy’.

And now Khalifa is calling out the CEO of Flow Health Labs, Alex Meshkin, over his latest comments.

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The entrepreneur recently took to Twitter and tweeted: “Unpopular opinion: OFs is more dangerous for Americans than guns.”

Meshkin went on to say: “Guns are only dangerous in the hands of criminals and mentally ill. OFs will normalise p*** and further destroy society and make more people mentally ill.

“The tweet is not about p*** or not. It’s about the untended consequences and network effects. Also, an IQ test.”

The post has been liked 300 times at the time of writing.

Khalifa, who is known for her brutal comebacks, responded to Meshkin’s comments by saying: “Why does ‘Americans’ sound like a slur?”

Many people have taken to the comments and said that they agree with Khalifa, with one person asking: “Why would female independence be more dangerous than men with guns?”

Mia Khalifa's response to Alex Meshkin.
This is Mia Khalifa’s response to Alex Meshkin’s tweet. Credit: @miakhalifa/Twitter

Alongside an eye roll emoji, another sarcastically says: “Who would have known a couple t***ies would kill someone.”

However, some Twitter users have taken to the platform and said that they actually agree with Meshkin.

Defending the CEO, one person pens: “He is right, p***ography is much more dangerous than weapons.”

Another simply adds: “He’s not wrong.”

Mia Khalifa
Mia Khalifa has slammed Alex Meshkin, who has claimed that OFs is ‘more dangerous’ than guns. Credit: @miakhalifa/Instagram

This isn’t the first time that Khalifa has sparked a debate around guns.

In 2018, the former adult star took to social media and shared a photo of herself handing over her gun to a cop for ‘safe destruction’.

The jewellery brand owner tweeted at the time: “They couldn’t have made it easier. Thank you, @Austin_Police for picking up my weapon for safe destruction.

“This may not affect anyone, but it’s symbolic. If all of us were to #DoSomething small, eventually it will add up and change the world.”

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The now 30-year-old went on to share a second tweet in which she revealed that she was going to donate the cost of the gun ($1,500) to Everytown, which is a charity that campaigns for gun safety in the US.

Khalifa also tweeted: “I’m turning in my gun to the police today and leaving my gun rack empty, just like the beds of all the lost children.

“I’m not against the 2nd amendment, I am against the untimely deaths of children.”

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