Adult Star Adriana Chechik Explains Why She’s Quitting The Industry

Adult star Adriana Chechik has opened up about why she is quitting the adult industry.
Credit: @bratnasty69/Instagram

Adult star Adriana Chechik has opened up about why she is quitting the industry. 

Chechik appeared on the Holly Randell Unfiltered podcast where she spoke about why she was leaving and her plans for the future.

The 30-year-old doesn’t regret her time in the industry that shot her to stardom – as it made her feel ’empowered’.

“I feel empowered; it’s really hot to control a bunch of men,” Chechik explained in the podcast.

“I’m in a situation where not only I’m empowered because everyone is worshipping me, but you have a whole room of people collectively, including the director who want you to have a good time.”

Watch Epic Games apologise to Adriana Chechik after banning her from a Fortnite completion below…

She also revealed that she wants to explore new career options, including video game streaming through Twitch.

During the chat, Chechik said: “I will say Twitch has been the best blessing for me because I, for the first time in my life, was on a platform… I was just somewhere where people were valuing me for me.

“I just have to get everyone to see me as something more first.

“I was craving intellectuality and learning, and I just wasn’t getting it… I didn’t have any notion of the outside world.

“The experiences and conversations on [Twitch] have made me realise, ‘You’re more than just how you’ve fetishised yourself’, because I fetishised myself; it also gave me the understanding that I am more than this.”

Chechik added that through Twitch, she has learnt how to build her own computer and design her own studio.

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She also explained that she has done everything ‘she wanted to do’ in the industry and she wants to do something ‘bigger and better’.

Chechik’s Twitch profile has more than 780,000 followers and on the platform, she plays games like Scum and Final Fantasy.

Recently, the avid video gamer was set to take part in a Fortnite tournament on August 25, 2022, and intended to stream it on her account.

However, an hour before it was set to start, she was informed that she would not be allowed to participate and was barred. 

Chechik believes that was denied entry due to her previous work in the adult industry.

Adriana Chechik
Adult star Adriana Chechik has opened up about why she is quitting the adult industry. Credit: @bratnasty69/Instagram

She told her followers on Twitch: “There are two types of approval processes that you have to go through for these competitions. 

“The first process is Twitch Rivals and Twitch approving you. The second one is the game company that is hosting the event. I guess last night they decided to not approve me because of my adult work

Epic Games, the gaming company behind Fortnite, then released a statement explaining that it was a matter of ‘miscommunication’ between themselves and Twitch.

It shared: “This was the result of a miscommunication between us and Twitch, and should have never impacted the streamer’s participation in the Rivals event featuring Fortnite

“Due to Fortnite’s ‘T’ rating, our policies prohibit mature content in connection with Fortnite

“We asked Twitch to work with Adriana to remove adult content references in her stream background. 

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“To be clear: Adriana is more than welcome to stream Fortnite and participate in upcoming events.”

Elsewhere in the podcast, Chechik revealed her plans to help others and how she eventually wants to ‘get into life coaching’.

She said: “I want to get into life coaching. I call it kindness coaching. I want to get into helping people realise how kind the world is.”

Last year, when taking part in a Reddit Q&A, Chechik was asked what career she’d likely have gone into if she hadn’t started in the adult film industry, and her answer was very different.

“[I] would actually be building prosthetics or working in robotics,” she said.

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