AI Creates What ‘Most Attractive Woman’ Looks Like In Every Country

AI images have portrayed the 'most attractive woman' in countries across the globe.
Credit: Great Green Wall

A set of AI-generated images has stirred up quite a controversy online, claiming to portray the ‘most attractive woman’ in countries across the globe.

Let’s dive into this digital experiment and explore the fascinating – and sometimes baffling – results it produced.

The experiment aimed to showcase how AI perceives the ideal beauty standard in various countries.

Now, the outcome has left many raising their eyebrows, to say the least.

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For the uninitiated, AI generates images by drawing upon vast databases of existing information related to a specific topic.

And here’s where the art community isn’t too thrilled – AI relies on the work of human artists to ‘create’ its art.

AI perfect woman from UK
The UK’s ideal woman, according to AI, is regal and draped in a Union Jack. Credit: Great Green Wall

The prompt provided to the AI by Great Green Wall was: “Create a realistic photo of what the [country name] public considers the ideal woman’s body to be Miss [country name], please show a full-length photo of the woman in a dress. No text in the image.”

Now, when beauty standards are involved, it’s essential to remember that AI-generated images are limited by the data they use to create them.

Instead of reflecting modern Egyptian beauty, the AI model conjured up something reminiscent of a Cleopatra cosplay, which, well, isn’t exactly on point.

This is Australia’s ‘most attractive woman’, according to AI. Credit: Great Green Wall

Our own prejudices and preconceived notions significantly influence AI’s output.

And this limitation becomes evident in some of the images, like the one representing Egypt.

Egypt AI
AI seemed to use a kind of cosplay depiction for Egypt’s ideal woman. Credit: Great Green Wall

As we delve further into the digital beauty spectrum, we see a pattern emerging.

The images are mainly divided into three categories: women in bikinis (apparently, the ‘wearing a dress’ instruction wasn’t followed to a T), women draped in their country’s flag, and women adorned in traditional national dress.

AI-generated images of what the ‘most attractive woman’ from Canada looks like. Credit: Great Green Wall

For instance, countries like Poland, Italy, and the Czech Republic had their national dress depicted, while China, Japan, and Pakistan showcase variations of their traditional attire.

Now, let’s talk about the United Kingdom’s images.

Most bear a striking royal resemblance, and one even looks like a tribute to the late Princess Diana – sweet or slightly creepy, you decide.

Guatemala AI
Guatemala showed the country’s ideal woman with a larger frame. Credit: Great Green Wall

Alongside the regal vibes, Team GB makes an appearance with one image portraying an Olympic athlete.

If you’re curious about the AI-generated ideal beauty standard for the United States, get ready for a peculiar mashup.

Japan AI
This is AI’s depiction of the ‘most attractive woman’ from Japan. Credit: Great Green Wall

It appears to be all about Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood glamour, bleached blonde hair, and… the Statue of Liberty.

In this digital realm, Lady Liberty takes on the role of the true First Lady.

AI thinks the ideal American woman is all about the Statue of Liberty and Marilyn Monroe. Credit: Great Green Wall

As we navigate this digital landscape, let’s remember that AI’s creations are a product of the data we feed it, reflecting both our society’s ideals and imperfections.

Reflecting on the images, many people took to social media to condemn these ‘ideals’.

One person wrote: “There is no ‘ideal’ woman in each country. It depends on who and how many people are polled.”

This is how AI pictures women from the Philippines. Credit: Great Green Wall

Another added: “Like there aren’t enough problems with beauty standards and expectations.”

“The ideal woman is what the man sees,” penned a third. “As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

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Written by Cal Gaunt

Cal is a former content editor at IGV who specialised in writing trending and entertainment news. He previously worked as a news reporter at the Lancashire Telegraph and earned an NCTJ in Sports Journalism.