AI Creates What ‘Most Attractive Man’ Looks Like In Every Country

AI continues to blow people's minds and now it's shared what the 'most attractive man' looks like in every country. 
Credit: iLikePlantsTooMuch via Reddit

Artificial intelligence continues to blow people’s minds each and every day and now it’s shared what the ‘most attractive man’ apparently looks like in every country. 

From helping us with everyday tasks to designing multi-media marketing campaigns, AI has quickly taken over the world.

And now the futuristic feature has been put to the test in helping us see what the ‘most attractive man’ looks like in each country.

Made using one of the most successful AI systems, midjourney, the men designed have classical masculine features such as a Hollywood-worthy chiselled jaw, a dusting of facial hair and a muscular build that one could only dream of.

Some people are taking to the comments and saying that all the men seem to have a couple of things in common too.

See the most handsome celebrity men in the clip below…

One of the images AI created was a man from North Korea, which shows a clean-shaven man in a military uniform.

For the US, it shows a man with short locks, a chiselled jaw and a beard.

Meanwhile, the best-dressed might have to go to the Dominican Republic or Mexico with their bold and tight-fitted ensembles.

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The images have been shared on a Reddit forum and many people are taking to the comments and saying they’re less than impressed.

One person writes: “All of them have mostly the same facial features. Sharp jawline, relatively longer hair and muscular.”

AI creates most attractive man
AI’s example of the ‘most attractive man’ in North Korea was one of the few men without a beard. Credit: iLikePlantsTooMuch via Reddit

In agreement, another adds: “Aren’t a lot of these images basically the same guy but with slightly different skin tones and hairstyles?”

While someone else remarks: “I like how USA is literally just Chris Hemsworth.”

“Is it just me or the fact they all have very similar head shapes makes them look the same? It’s like one man with different hair/beard colours and styles. And skin tone depending on his mood,” a fourth person pens.

AI man
This is what the most attractive man from the US apparently looks like. Credit: iLikePlantsTooMuch via Reddit

Somebody else comments: “Yeah I started off thinking damn these guys are cute but by the end of it it really felt like 75% were just the same dude with different disguises.”

However, not everyone had something negative to say about the AI-generated images, with some taking to the comments and branding the guys ‘handsome’.

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“Hot damn these are handsome as f***,” one person says.

Another Reddit user comments: “I literally fell for all of them, darn it.”

To check out the AI-generated images of the ‘most handsome men’ in every country, click here.

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