Woman Who Didn’t Sleep With Husband Until Wedding Night Shares The Five Things She Wishes She Knew Before

A woman who didn't sleep with her husband until their wedding night has shared the five things she wishes she'd known beforehand. 
Credit: Alicia and Joshua via YouTube & @mrsaliciatucker/Instagram

A woman who didn’t sleep with her husband until their wedding night has shared the five things she wishes she’d known beforehand. 

Canadian couple John and Alicia Tucker, who married in 2020, abstained from s** until their first night as husband and wife.

On their popular YouTube channel, Alicia has opened up about being celibate and how there are some things she wishes she’d known before the big night.

Alicia Tucker
Alicia Tucker is giving fellow celibate women advice for their wedding night. Credit: Alicia and Joshua via YouTube

In a video that has garnered over 44,000 views, Alicia offers ‘wedding night tips for celibate brides’ and her openness has been praised.

One person pens: “I love your heart in sharing this video. This is so important for women to have a more comfortable and satisfying sexual experience!”

“I think this type of advice can be really useful for any girl who becomes intimate for the first time!” another enthuses.

A third person comments: “This is such an uplifting and needed video!”

Joshua and Alicia Tucker.
Alicia Tucker has shared five things she wishes she knew before having s**. Credit: @mrsaliciatucker/Instagram

In the viral video, Alicia says: “It can be a lot, all the anticipation leading up to the wedding night. So, I’ve compiled a list of five things you should know before your wedding night.”

1. Be open about anxieties

Alicia’s first tip is to open up to your partner about any anxieties you may have about that first night of intimacy.

The wife explains: “So if you have a little bit of nerves about s** hurting you for the first time, definitely voice that to your fiancé.”

She suggests sharing a shower as a way to relax.

Joshua and Alicia Tucker.
Alicia Tucker advises fellow celibates to open up about their fears and concerns for the big night. Credit: @mrsaliciatucker/Instagram

2. Stay hygienic

The next tip on Alicia’s list is something she believes fellow celibates wouldn’t know about.

She says: “It’s so important to pee after you have s**.

“You can so easily get a UTI if you don’t pee after having s** because there are a lot of fluids that happen during s** and if that goes into the wrong area, you can be in a lot of pain.”

As Medical News Today explains: “Peeing after s** may help to flush bacteria out of the urethra, thereby helping to prevent a urinary tract infection (UTI). It may be especially helpful for women, or people who are prone to UTIs.”

3. Get a towel

There may be blood the first time you have s**, so Alicia suggests virgin brides lay out on a towel on the bed.

4. Keep smiling

Alicia’s fourth tip is to ‘just laugh it off if things are awkward’.

She points out: “If it’s uncomfortable, if it doesn’t go super smooth, just laugh it off. That’s a big part of the intimacy experience.”

Joshua and Alicia Tucker.
Alicia Tucker says it’s important to ‘laugh off’ the uncomfortableness of the first time. Credit: @mrsaliciatucker/Instagram

5. Stay in the moment

Alicia’s final piece of advice is to live in the moment.

She comments: “It’s so difficult when your adrenaline is so high and it’s a new experience that you have wanted for your whole life and your emotions are so high that it’s really hard to be present.”

Joshua and Alicia Tucker.
Alicia Tucker’s advice has led others to show their tips. Credit: @mrsaliciatucker/Instagram

Since Alicia’s video has gone viral, other viewers have shared their wedding night tips.

One viewer writes: “Biggest things learned from my wedding night are to breathe, communicate, and it’s OK to ask, ‘Can we switch gears?’ or slow down the motions, stop for now and pick that backup tomorrow, etc. Especially if you’ve been anxious or tense or finding things painful and uncomfortable.”

A second says: “We didn’t have s** on our wedding night. Too tired. Don’t do it just because it’s expected. There’s always the next day and more relaxed by then.”

Watch Alicia Tucker’s full video on a wedding night for celibate brides here.

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