‘My Fiancée Confessed To Sleeping With Her Ex As His ‘Last Request’ Before He Died’

A grieving fiancée has confessed to her partner about sleeping with her ex as his 'last request' before dying.
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A grieving fiancée has confessed to her partner about a heart-wrenching encounter with her ex-boyfriend, who tragically succumbed to cancer.

A man who wishes to remain anonymous has taken to Reddit and opened up about the shocking discovery.

He says that his partner’s ex, Tom, 34, tragically had his life cut short and that she’s now revealed that she granted him his final wish.

The man says he was ‘shocked’ to hear of Tom’s passing as his fiancée had not said anything about his battle with cancer beforehand.

He says following the man’s funeral, his partner’s behaviour took a sombre turn – she became distant and withdrawn, leaving her partner puzzled and concerned.

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When she finally revealed her anguish to her fiancée, it soon became a scene of grief and vulnerability.

She confessed that Tom had reached out to her three weeks before his demise, expressing his pain and decision to halt his medical treatment.

In his final hours, he had one last wish – to spend a night with his ex-lover, seeking solace and companionship before his departure from this world.

Torn between compassion and her conflicted emotions, the brave woman wrestled with the weight of his request.

In a moment of empathy, she decided to grant him his heart’s desire, spending that night by his side.

The boyfriend explained: “They spent the night together (I know what night it was now) and ended up having s**.

Man and woman.
The grieving fiancée confessed to her partner about a heart-wrenching encounter with her ex-boyfriend. Credit: Alamy

“She started crying again swearing that didn’t feel anything that night nor afterwards and swore that she did this out of guilt towards him now she’s feeling 10× more guilty.

‘I’m in utter shock, I have no idea how to react or what to say.

“She keeps pleading with me to be understanding of the position she was put in and not wanting to dismiss his request in his last days.

“I still don’t think it’s an excuse to do what she did.”

Betrayal and a sense of broken trust now hang heavy between them, casting a shadow over their once-strong bond.

While empathy for Tom’s situation is undeniable, many would find it difficult to fully comprehend the complexity of emotions that arose that night.

Engaging in such a deeply intimate act amidst grief and uncertainty can leave a person’s heart torn.

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Reddit users quickly engaged with the tale and offered their thoughts on the matter.

One person wrote: “This would be a relationship ender for me. I’m sorry she is so s*** and that she is now mourning – to your face – the guy she cheated on you with.”

Another added: “She clearly wanted to do it. The fact she didn’t even disclose the original message is a red flag, then lied and set up the evening with him, cheated and now feels guilty.

“If you love your current significant other, you would do anything in your power to avoid situations like this. Communication is key.

“I would have a hard, hard time wanting to remain with a woman who stepped out, regardless of the reasoning.”

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