Flight Attendant Shares The Real Reason Cabin Crew Say Hello To You As You Board

A flight attendant has gone viral after revealing why cabin crew say hello to passengers when they board a plane.
Credit: @rania_ibo/Instagram

A flight attendant has gone viral after revealing why cabin crew say hello to passengers when they board a plane.

When you board a plane, you’re often greeted by smiling flight attendants who say hello. This warm welcome may seem a simple courtesy but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

The greeting actually serves several purposes that ensure your safety and comfort during the flight.

And now, one TikToker has explained why it’s so important – and people have reacted.

Inside plane.
There’s an important reason why flight attendants greet every passenger boarding a plane. Credit: Alamy

One person comments: “How times have changed… we used to say hi to be polite – flying has changed so much!”

Another asks: “If I’m on a plane I always just say hi, good morning/afternoon, how are you to a flight attendant, what else would you say?”

Somebody else says: “I am an ex-flight attendant and this is true.”

“Isn’t this the basics of customer service?” a fourth person questions.

After a bit of pre-flight socialising at the terminal bar, you finally head to the gate.

Then comes the wait, almost always longer than expected, until you board the aircraft. As you step on board, a friendly cabin crew member greets you.

Now, one flight attendant has shed light on the true reason behind this seemingly routine gesture.

A flight attendant has revealed why cabin crew says hello to passengers when they board a plane. Credit: @itsmekikooooo/TikTok

In a TikTok video, flight attendant Rania explains that while politeness is part of the job, there’s more to the warm welcome.

It allows flight attendants to assess whether passengers are intoxicated or ill, ensuring everyone is fit to fly.

“Your flight attendant greets you, not only out of politeness but also to check whether you are too drunk or sick to fly,” Rania explains.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Flight attendants also scan the crowd to identify passengers who could assist in an emergency. This includes physically able individuals – an ABP (or able-bodied person) – likely to cooperate during unforeseen circumstances.

Flight attendants greet passengers to check whether they are drunk or too sick – as well as to be polite. Credit: @itsmekikooooo/TikTok

Social media users are chiming in, sharing their own experiences and insights.

One laughs: “I had pancreatitis when I was in Corfu, I acted normal going on to the plane otherwise I knew they wouldn’t let me on.”

A second jokes: “Me with headphones walking on the plane completely ignoring the flight attendants…”

A third person pens: “Ah OK this makes a lot of sense, I always get the same look going on flights.”

So next time you board a plane and receive a warm welcome from the cabin crew, remember, it’s not just courtesy – it’s a strategic assessment ensuring a safe and smooth journey for all.

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