Amber Heard’s Face Is The ‘Most Beautiful In The World,’ According To Science

Amber Heard has the ‘most beautiful face in the world’, according to science. 
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Amber Heard has the ‘most beautiful face in the world’, according to science. 

Heard, 36, is an American actress who has starred in films such as Aquaman, The Rum Diary and Zombieland.

Last summer, the Drive Angry actress lost her highly-publicised defamation trial against her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Since then, she’s been keeping out of the spotlight. However, she’s now making the headlines for an entirely new reason.

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Dr Julian De Silva, a leading Harley Street surgeon, has been analysing Hollywood celebrities in order to determine who has the most ‘perfect’ facial features.

So it’s scientifically accurate, he’s been using the ‘Golden Ratio’ – which is a specific method used by ancient Greeks which involves looking at the measurements of the eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, chin, jaw and facial shape.

Apparently, the Aquaman star’s face falls in line with this method by a whopping 91.85% by the Greek ratio of Phi, which is 1.618.

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Dr De Silva, who runs a surgery clinic in London, tells Us Weekly: “The Phi ratio of 1.618 has long been thought to hold the secret for beauty, but now with the computer mapping we can calculate how it applies to real women.”

Using that same facial-scanning technology, the expert also discovered that Kim Kardashian has the most scientifically perfect eyebrows.

While actress Scarlett Johansson has the most scientifically perfect eyes and Emily Ratajkowski has the most scientifically perfect lips.

The surgeon also used a composite of celebrities – who are widely considered attractive – to create the most scientifically ‘perfect face’.

Amber Heard
Amber Heard has the ‘most beautiful face in the world’, according to science. Credit: Alamy

He used Heard’s nose, Kardashian’s eyebrows, Johansson’s eyes, Ratajkowski’s lips, Rihanna’s face shape and Kate Moss’ forehead.

At the time the research was conducted, Kardashian came in second with a score of 91.39%.

Following the reality TV star came supermodel Moss, at 91.06%.

Meanwhile, Ratajkowski and Kendall Jenner were fourth and fifth with 90.8 per cent, and 90.18 per cent.

Despite his research, Dr De Silva insists that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as he comments that science only speaks from ‘objective measurements’.

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Following the high-profile defamation trial against Depp last year, little has been heard from the actress.

According to reports, Heard sold up her remote Yucca Valley home in California last August.

While the MailOnline reports that the star is living under the radar in a luxury villa in Mallorca, Spain.

She’s believed to have moved to Mallorca with her baby daughter, Oonagh Paige, and her partner, cinematographer Bianca Butti.

Heard hasn’t updated her Instagram since sharing her statement at the end of the defamation trial.

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