Amber Heard’s Face Is The ‘Most Beautiful In The World,’ According To Scientists

Amber Heard 'Most Beautiful Face': Amber Heard's face is the 'most beautiful in the world,' according to scientists.
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Amber Heard has the ‘most beautiful face in the world,’ according to scientists. 

Leading Harley Street surgeon Dr Julian De Silva reportedly analysed Hollywood celebrities under the ‘Golden Ratio’ to determine who has the most ‘perfect’ facial features back in 2016.

This specific method was used by ancient Greeks and involves looking at the measurements of the eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, chin, jaw and facial shape.

Watch Amber Heard discuss domestic abuse and sexuality in the clip below…

Apparently, the Aquaman star’s face follows the ‘Golden Ratio’ by a whopping 91.85% by the Greek ratio of Phi, which is 1.618.

Dr De Silva, who runs a surgery clinic in London, reportedly said at the time: “The results were startling and showed several famous actresses and models have facial features that come close to the ancient Greek principles for physical perfection.”

He went on to add: “The Phi ratio of 1.618 has long been thought to hold the secret for beauty, but now with the computer mapping we can calculate how it applies to real women.”

At the time the research was conducted, Kim Kardashian came in second with a score of 91.39%.

Following the reality TV star came supermodel Kate Moss, at 91.06%.

Despite his research, Dr De Silva insisted that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and commented that science only speaks from ‘objective measurements’.

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Amber Heard
Amber Heard has the ‘most beautiful face in the world,’ according to scientists. Credit: Alamy

Currently, Heard is being sued by her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, in a defamation trial.

The actor has alleged that the star’s written piece for The Washington Post in 2018 made him out to be an abuser, despite the fact he wasn’t named.

Before the trial began, Heard took to Instagram and penned: “As you may know, I’ll be in Virginia, where I face my ex-husband Johnny Depp in court.

“Johnny is suing me for an op-ed I wrote in The Washington Post, in which I recounted my experience of violence and domestic abuse.

“I never named him, rather I wrote about the price women pay for speaking out against men in power. I continue to pay that price, but hopefully, when this case concludes, I can move on and so can Johnny.”

She continued: “I have always maintained a love for Johnny and it brings me great pain to have to live out the details of our past life together in front of the world.

“At this time, I recognise the ongoing support I’ve been fortunate to receive throughout the years, and in these coming weeks I will be leaning on it more than ever.”

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