Elon Musk Reflects On ‘Brutal’ Relationship With Amber Heard In New Biography

Elon Musk has candidly discussed his relationship with Amber Heard following the star's divorce from Johnny Depp.
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Elon Musk has opened up about his past relationship with Amber Heard.

Musk, 52, is the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, as well as the co-founder of Neuralink and OpenAI. He’s widely known for his divisive and controversial opinions.

His ex-girlfriend Heard, 37, is the former spouse of Johnny Depp and she’s best known for starring in Aquaman and its upcoming sequel.

Musk and The Rum Diary actress broke up in 2018 after getting together the year prior and now further information about their relationship has been disclosed.

In his self-titled biography penned by Walter Isaacson, the X (formerly known as Twitter) chairman delves into his time with Heard, describing it as ‘brutal’.

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In his biography, it is acknowledged that Musk is ‘just a fool for love’ and that following their breakup, he went through ’18 months of unrelenting insanity’ that was ‘mind-bogglingly painful’.

Despite this, it’s believed the A-listers have kept on positive terms, as the CEO said after their split that they are ‘still friends, remain close and love one another’.

Following their split, Heard also expressed a similar sentiment, as she reportedly said: “Although we have broken up, Elon and I care deeply for one another and remain close.”

The tech entrepreneur initially crossed paths with Heard in 2013, thanks to her appearance in the film Machete Kills. 

Amber Heard
Elon Musk is reported to have gone through ’18 months of unrelenting insanity’ following his breakup with Amber Heard. Credit: Alamy

However, the book states that the pair didn’t begin a romantic relationship until four years later after the Zombieland star had filed for divorce from Depp.

It’s also noted that the two shared a passion for the more geeky aspects of life.

“I guess I could be called a geek for someone who can also be called a hot chick,” Heard is reported to have said to the Pulitzer Prize-winning author in the biography, as per People and Vanity Fair.

Isaacson also noted that Heard spent ‘two months designing and commissioning a head-to-toe costume so she could role-play’ for Musk after he told her she reminded him of his favourite video character Mercy from Overwatch.

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However, it also claimed that several members of Musk’s inner circle weren’t too keen on Heard.

Kimbal Musk, the billionaire’s brother, allegedly described the actress as ‘toxic’ and ‘a nightmare’ in the biography, adding that the 52-year-old often falls for people who are ‘beautiful, no question, but they have a very dark side’.

Last year, Musk shared his well-wishes for the Aquaman star after it was found that she was liable for defaming her ex-husband Depp in a jury trial in Virginia.

He said: “I hope they both move on. At their best, they are each incredible.”

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