Aquaman 2 Fans Stunned By Tiny Amount Of Time Amber Heard Is Confirmed To Be In Movie

Fans have been left stunned by the tiny amount of time that Amber Heard appears on screen in Aquaman 2.
Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Fans have been stunned by the tiny amount of time Amber Heard appears on screen in Aquaman 2.

The latest Aquaman film – Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom – has hit cinemas and is set a few years after the events of the first movie, which grossed over a billion dollars.

Jason Momoa, Patrick Wilson, Nicole Kidman and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II have all reprised their roles, but at one point there were question marks as to whether Heard would return, too.

Due to her highly publicised defamation trial against her ex-husband Johnny Depp, rumours circulated that her role may be cut or even recast – with many suggesting that Momoa’s Game Of Thrones co-star Emilia Clarke may replace her.

Those who have seen Aquaman 2 have confirmed that she is in the movie, but her screen time has left viewers shocked – considering she had a huge role in the first movie.

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Well, according to Business Insider, the Zombieland star only has around ’15-20 minutes’ of screen time in the movie – which is about 16 per cent of the two-hour-long film.

The outlet also mentions that Heard mostly appears in the first and third acts of the film, and only has 11 brief speaking parts.

Business Insider adds: “Devoid of any real depth, Heard’s entire existence in The Lost Kingdom feels purely contractural to fulfil her three-movie deal with Warner Bros.

“The majority of Heard’s screen time consists of silence as she awkwardly sits and stands pretty beside or behind Aquaman, seemingly biting her tongue.”

Amber Heard in Aquaman.
Amber Heard reportedly has only ’15-20′ minutes of screen time in Aquaman 2. Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Fans were already speculating how much Heard would feature in the film as she was only briefly shown in the marketing for Aquaman 2 – with most of the promotional footage focusing on Momoa and Wilson’s characters teaming up.

In the lead-up to the movie, Variety published a report claiming tension between the The Rum Diary actress and the Fast X actor.

The allegations come from notes written by Heard’s therapist Dr Dawn Hughes, with Heard claiming that Momoa wanted her fired and that he dressed up like Depp on set, too.

They read: “Jason said he wanted me fired. Jason drunk – late on set. Dressing like Johnny. Has all the rings too.”

However, these accusations were denied by a DC spokesperson, who told the publisher: “Jason Momoa conducted himself in a professional manner at all times on the set of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.”

Another insider added: “Jason works his a** off, likes to have a beer once in a while like everyone, but doesn’t show up drunk to set.”

They also stated that Heard and Momoa had always got along well and that the Dune star has ‘always dressed in that bohemian style’.

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During her court case, the In The Fire star claimed that Warner Bros. executives didn’t want to ‘include’ her in the sequel due to her ongoing drama with her ex-husband.

She alleged: “I was given a script and then given new versions of the script that had taken away scenes that had action in it… and they basically took a bunch out of my role.”

However, this allegation was disputed by then-DC boss Walter Hamada during his testimony, as he insisted her role being minimised had nothing to do with Depp.

“I think editorially they were able to make that relationship work in the first movie,” he claimed.

“But there was a concern that it took a lot of effort to get there and that would we be better off finding someone with more natural chemistry with Jason Momoa and move forward that way.”

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