Woman Who ‘Died And Came Back To Life’ Explains What Afterlife Is Like

Two women who briefly 'died and came back to life' have shared their afterlife experiences is really like.
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Two women who briefly ‘died and came back to life’ have shared what their afterlife experiences were really like.

One of the biggest mysteries in life is what happens to us once we die.

Some believe we end up in Heaven – or Hell – while some talk about seeing light at the end of a tunnel.

Now, two women appeared on Inside Addition to give us their own experiences.

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Betty Eadie had her afterlife experience after a hysterectomy operation.

She said: “I was in the recovery room and suddenly felt every drop of blood had drained from my body and then this sensation of my spirit coming out of the body at tremendous speed.

“I looked down and saw my body lying on the bed. I knew I had died and thought, ‘Oh my God, I’m dead’.”

Eadie was then greeted by three ‘really ancient men’ who informed her that she had passed away.

She continued to explain to them that she wanted to see her family, so she ‘flew’ out the window and went to her house.

“My husband was sitting in the armchair and I stood next to him,” Eadie continued.

“I was concerned because he didn’t know I had died, nor had my children, and I was worried for all of them.

“But then I was given a glimpse into their futures and saw they’d all lead good lives.”

Eadie then returned to her hospital bed and ended up in a tunnel where she met Jesus Christ – who told her that ‘it wasn’t her time yet’.

Betty Eadie
Betty Eadie saw a glimpse into her husband’s and children’s lives after she died. Credit: CBS

“Then three women – angels – appeared and Jesus told them, to show her everything she needs to know, and I was taken to the most beautiful garden I’d ever seen, like nothing I’d ever seen on Earth,” she explained.

“The angels then took me around every planet and then Jesus told me I had to go back to Earth but I didn’t want to.

“Then the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen appeared and it was God and he told me I had to go back and I saw my body and went back into it.”

Five years after the incident, Eadie opened up to the doctor about the experience and he confirmed that medically she had ‘died’ for a short period.

However, she said the experience was so overwhelming that she wants to revisit the afterlife.

Meanwhile, mum of two Jessie Sawyers explained how she ‘died’ aged 31 after being rushed into hospital with internal bleeding after a gynaecological procedure.

Describing what her ‘death’ was like, she said: “In the distance, I could see a figure and I recognised it as one of my best friends who had died two years before.

“I also saw a bright light and that’s when I realised this is death, this is my death.”

Sawyers said she realised how her death had affected her husband and two children.

Jessie Sawyers
Jessie Sawyers claimed to see a ‘bright light’. Credit: CBS

“I was shown how my death would impact my family – that my two children, although grief-stricken, would grow up and have good lives,” she explained.

However, Sawyers’ near-death experience didn’t last very long and the woman claimed that she witnessed herself fall back into her body, ‘which hurt’.

Similar to Eadie, she recalled to doctors about what she went through and they told her she probably had briefly died.

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Dr Jeffrey Long, an oncologist who founded the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation, has said that the women’s accounts of death fell in line with what he has been previously told, via The Mirror.

“A common theme for anyone who dies for a short time is the shining light and out-of-body experience,” he said.

“Many tell of meeting up with relatives and even pets who have died.

“Yet all of this is impossible because when you die your brain dies, so this is difficult to explain.”

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