Huge Black Dot Four Times The Size Of The Earth Has Appeared On The Sun

Huge black dots four times the size of the Earth have appeared on the Sun.
Credit: NASA

Huge black dots four times the size of the Earth have appeared on the Sun.

Seeing unknown and mysterious marks on anything can be a cause for concern.

Huge black dots four times the size of planet Earth have appeared on the Sun but fortunately, they are not dangerous.

However, it could be a warning for more dangerous things to come.

Watch parts of the Sun break off in the clip below…

According to NASA, the visible dot is a sunspot – which appears on sectors of the Sun which are cooler than other parts of its surface.

Sunspots are fairly common as the enormous amount of energy within the Sun can make it very volatile.

While they are common, this one is supposedly big enough to see with the naked eye – not that we advise you to look directly at the Sun.

Although, those in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Nebraska are safe to witness it without protection due to Canadian wildfires creating a type of natural solar filter.

The thick smoke blowing from the country makes the Sun dimmer, meaning it is easier to look at.

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The wildfires have caused nearly a million acres to burn in Western Canada, mainly in Northwest Alberta Province.

Due to this, more than 30,000 people have already evacuated the area for safety to avoid the fires.

Sunspots also have a relation to solar flares – which is when ‘the magnetic field lines near sunspots often tangle, cross, and reorganise’ as per NASA.

Solar flares – and CMEs (coronal mass ejection) – are recognised as the most powerful explosions in our solar system.

These can have an effect on radio communications on Earth as they release a lot of radiation into space.

This particular sunspot is labelled AR3310 and it faces directly at our planet.

Solar spots
A sunspot which is four times the size of Earth is visible on the Sun. Credit: NASA/SDO/AIA/HMI/Goddard Space Flight Center

It recently released an M-1 solar flare which is made of photons – particles of electromagnetic radiation.

This type of solar flare is classified as the second-highest type, but there are warnings that it could release a much more powerful soon.

The X-1 class flares can be up to 10 times the size of Earth, making them the largest kind of flares.

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‘The biggest X-class flares are by far the largest explosions in the solar system and are awesome to watch,’ according to NASA.

“Loops tens of times the size of Earth leap up off the sun’s surface when the sun’s magnetic fields cross over each other and reconnect,” the space station adds.

“In the biggest events, this reconnection process can produce as much energy as a billion hydrogen bombs.”

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