‘Time Traveller’ Warns ‘Thousands Will Lose Loved Ones’ In May Disaster

A 'time traveller' has warned that 'thousands will lose their loved ones' in a May disaster.
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A ‘time traveller’ has warned that ‘thousands will lose their loved ones’ in a May disaster.

A mysterious social media personality, who claims to be from the year 2671, has posted a number of predictions in the past.

This includes a dead celebrity coming back to life after revealing they ‘faked their death’ and people will soon have ‘superpowers’.

They’ve also made a chilling prediction for this month – which has left people worried.

Check out the predictions Nostradamus has made for 2023 below…

Eno Alaric, also known as the @radianttimetraveler on TikTok, has over 447,000 followers on the platform.

In a post that has been viewed over 791,000 times, he has warned that families will lose loved ones in huge, catastrophic events that are supposedly happening happen this month.

Alaric starts the video by writing: “ATTENTION! Many of you think I’m a fake time traveller, these are major events to come in each month of 2023.”

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This post is part one of a series of videos, and this one focuses only on May and June 2023.

He writes: “May 15: A 750ft (228m) high tsunami hits the US West Coast, mainly San Francisco.

“It causes hundreds of billions in damages and thousands of families have to say bye to their loved ones.”

He then explains that on May 30, there will be over 150 sightings of UFOs.

These all belong to an alien species called ‘The Distants’ who are apparently planning to conquer Earth.

The time traveller makes more predictions for June, as they continue: “June 12: A magnitude 9.5 earthquake opens a 5-mile deep and 1-mile wide trench in San Andreas, California.

“It releases many kinds of extinct animals, including the Titanoboa, a snake that can grow up to 75 feet long.

“June 14: 12 people receive superpowers from extreme energy of the Sun, including telepathy and teleportation.”

Finally, he claims that seven people will ‘fall from the sky’ on June 18.

This is apparently due to them walking through a wormhole that was ‘accidentally created’.

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The reaction to the video has been mixed, with some people dismissing the time traveller’s claims.

“Well damn you ain’t got it right yet,” says one person.

“What happened to the February and March predictions?” asks someone else.

A third adds: “Superpowers? I’m sorry but I don’t believe that.”

Another user speculates: “How come none of these time travellers tell us how to save the planet or provide any actual proof of anything?”

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However, others have shared their concerns – especially if they know someone living in San Francisco.

Someone comments: “My grandma and other family are In San Francisco until May 20th…”

Another person adds: “Well he ain’t got it right yet but a tsunami may actually hit the west coast, but it’s not confirmed when.”

“Oh great! I live near San Francisco,” a third says.

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