Black Mirror Viewers Are Cancelling Their Netflix Subscriptions

Black Mirror viewers are cancelling their Netflix subscriptions after watching the episode Joan is Awful.
Credit: Netflix

Black Mirror viewers are saying they are going to cancel their Netflix subscriptions.

The hit anthology series, which first began in 2011, tells a different story in each episode with a different set of characters.

It tackles social issues such as the reliance on technology and corruption in authority.

Despite viewers being aware of the dark and disturbing nature of Black Mirror, the first episode of the latest series is having viewers consider cancelling their Netflix subscription.

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The first episode of season 6 is called ‘Joan is Awful’ and it follows a woman named Joan, played by Annie Murphy (Schitt’s Creek).

After having to fire someone at work, the woman admits to her therapist that she finds her fiancé boring and that she has even considered hooking up with an old fling – she then goes home to watch something on Streamberry (Black Mirror’s version of Netflix).

However, she is left shocked when she sees a new show called ‘Joan is Awful’ starring Salma Hayek as her.

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In the show, the From Dusk Till Dawn actress plays a dramatised version of Joan who re-acts every moment of her life to the finest detail.

Shocked by what she is seeing on the screen, she tracks down the actress to find out what is going on – but learns that she is equally confused too.

After speaking to her lawyer, Joan learns that Strawberry is legally allowed to do this as this was part of the Terms & Conditions she signed when signing up for the subscription service.

After this revelation, viewers have been left horrified and have taken to social media to react to the Black Mirror episode ‘Joan is Awful’.

Black Mirror
The Black Mirror episode Joan Is Awful has left viewers wanting to cancel their Netflix subscription. Credit: Netflix

One fan says: “So Season 6, Episode 1 of Black Mirror has convinced me to cancel Netflix. Lol.”

“‘Joan is Awful’ got me ready to cancel my Netflix subscription,” adds someone else.

A third viewer comments: “Everyone going to read Netflix’s terms and conditions after watching ‘Joan is Awful’.”

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“Me rushing to cancel all of my streaming subscriptions just in case they make a show about me,” another person jokes.

A fifth viewer asks: “Soooo I should cancel my Netflix aka Streamberry account…

“Is this a subtle way that Netflix is telling us that they are watching our lives for content?”

While another person adds: “Me reading Netflix’s terms and conditions and cancelling my subscription after watching ‘Joan is Awful’.”

Black Mirror season 6 is now available to stream on Netflix.

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