Man Asked ‘One Of Hardest Questions Ever’ To Win $100,000 And Gets It Spot On

A man was asked the 'hardest question ever' on Australia's 1% Club to win A$100,000 and got it absolutely spot on.
Credit: Seven Network

A man was asked one of the ‘hardest questions ever’ to win AUD$100,000 and got it absolutely spot on.

The question was asked on the Australian version of the hit TV quiz show 1% Club.

In the UK, the show is hosted by comedian Lee Mack and has quickly become popular with viewers.

It’s renowned for its particularly difficult questions – but high prizes for the smartest participants.

Watch the incredible 1% Club Australia moment unfold in the video below…

Leaving the Aussie audience stunned, contestant Michael took just 30 seconds to provide the mind-boggling answer, earning him a share of up to AUD$100,000 in cash.

Host Jim Jefferies posed the highly-anticipated question: “If January equals 717, March equals 5315, and June equals 4624, then what does August equal?

“You have 30 seconds to answer, your time starts now.”

It was a perplexing puzzle that left many viewers scratching their heads.

As the seconds ticked away, Jefferies reminded Michael that he had only 15 seconds left, and then alerted him when he reached the heart-racing five-second mark.

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When time ran out, the host informed him that the clock had stopped.

Michael admitted: “Yeah, I changed my answer too.”

Curious about his last-minute alteration, Jefferies asked if he was satisfied with the revised answer.

Michael replied: “I hope so.”

The host then inquired about his final response.

And the answer was revealed: Michael’s 1% Club answer was ‘6848’.

1% Club Australia contestant Michael
The man was asked one of the ‘hardest questions ever’ on the 1% Club to win AUD$100,000 and got it absolutely spot on. Credit: Seven Network

The game show screen flashed the same number, prompting the audience to erupt in applause and cheers.

Jefferies exclaimed: “Congratulations, Michael! You have won $100,000 – welcome to the 1% Club!”

For those of us at home struggling to comprehend how Michael arrived at that solution, the host provided an explanation.

He revealed: “They are letters in the month’s name, the month’s position in the calendar, and then the last two digits multiplied.

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“August has six letters. It is the eighth month, and six times eight is 48.”

This impressive feat quickly gained traction on social media, with one TikTok user confessing: “It took me almost 10 minutes to get it.

“It took me so long to come up with just multiplying the numbers. I could never do this under pressure in 30 seconds.”

Many could relate, with one person jokingly claiming: “I’m in the zero % club because I’ve got zero chance of answering that.”

Another commenter echoed the sentiment, saying: “Wow, impressive. I did not get that one.”

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