Bride Rages Wedding Dress Looks ‘Nothing Like Order’ Before Realising Mortifying Mistake

A bride was left raging when her wedding dress arrived and looked ‘nothing like her order’ - and then she realised her mortifying mistake. 
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A bride was left raging when her wedding dress arrived and looked ‘nothing like her order’ – and then she realised her mortifying mistake. 

The woman, from Kentucky, US, ordered her wedding dress from an online site and when it arrived, she wasn’t impressed. 

The bride said it didn’t look like the photos online, so she decided to send out an angry email to the company. 

But when she received a response, she was left feeling mortified. 

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The 33-year-old was surprised by the response, as it informed her that she had tried on the dress ‘inside out’. 

You put the dress on inside out. Please put it on in the right way,” the company replied. 

The email was signed off politely with ‘Kind Regards’. 

She is now going viral on Facebook as she opens up about the ‘blonde moment’. 

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“Two weeks ago my wedding dress came in,” she penned. 

“I was really upset about the looks of it and sent an angry email to the company wanting to return it. I took pictures of me in the dress telling them it looked nothing like what I had ordered.”

The woman attached some pictures to the post, and it shows a white strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline. 

It also features embellishments at the thighs and a lace-up back. 

But when she went to try it on, she felt it looked unfinished, with the front being dowdy and the lace-up back looking messy. 

The wedding dress the woman picked from the shop.
The bride was left raging when her wedding dress arrived and looked ‘nothing like her order’ – and then she realised her mortifying mistake. Credit: Facebook

Adding that the dress turned out to be ‘beautiful’, the bride continued: “Who knew that they shipped wedding dresses inside out?”

She jokingly added: “Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much school we put behind us… we’re still going to lack common sense, like how to put clothes on properly.”

As she said she felt guilty about her initial angry email, she said she decided to share her blunder on Facebook as her way of ‘fixing’ the problem.

But I hope they appreciated a good laugh,” she commented. 

At a later point, she amended the post to explain that at the time she made this mishap, she’d been working long shifts as a healthcare worker and was running on little sleep. 

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The bride continued: “Hoping other brides can read this and not panic or get upset when their dress arrives in the mail. 

“You can cry about the disasters and imperfect moments that hit us when we least expect them, or you can laugh into forever.”

She also added: “Ask your bridesmaids to lace you up not your husband, and hire the wedding planners, ESPECIALLY if this ain’t your industry or jam to begin with.”

Many people have since taken to the comments and commented on her blunder, dubbing it hilarious. 

One person writes: “Thank you for this! I needed the laugh! I just love you! You looked beautiful, even inside out!’”

Another adds: “Oh my gosh, laughing right along with you! So funny. This will become a memory to laugh about forever.”

While a third says: “Girl I’m over here dying to see pictures of you with it inside out.”

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