Bride Horrified After Realising Her Married Initials Will Have Seriously Dark Meaning

A bride has been left horrified after realising that her married initials will have a seriously dark meaning.
Credit: @keiththebride/TikTok & Alamy

A bride has been left horrified after realising that her married initials will have a seriously dark meaning.

Tying the knot is obviously a very significant moment in a relationship and has modernised over time.

Traditionally, the woman is expected to take her partner’s name.

However, now it’s pretty normal for her to keep her maiden name or even have a double-barrelled surname.

One bride has taken to social media to discuss the problem she faces in taking her husband’s name.

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Kathryn has been documenting the build-up to her wedding on TikTok.

She also speaks about the changes in her life, such as her name potentially changing.

In one video, she reveals that people are seemingly taken aback when they find out what she’s changing her name to.

The post shows her looking stunned, while the caption reads: “When I tell people what my initials after the wedding will be.”

The post also tells viewers: “If you check my profile, you will get it.”

Her bio explains that she will soon be called Mrs Keith, which initially doesn’t seem that bad.

The bride was left shocked after realising that her married initials will have a seriously dark meaning. Credit: @keiththebride/TikTok

But Kathryn later explains that her middle name is ‘Keller’, meaning that once she is married and changes her name, her initials will be ‘KKK’.

‘KKK’ is an abbreviation for the American white supremacist group, the Ku Klux Klan.

In a separate video, Kathryn goes into her problem in greater detail, as she explains: “For reference when I get married, my initials will be KKK.

“I’m obviously not affiliated with them at all, it’s just a very unfortunate circumstance.

“I’m thinking of changing my middle name but I don’t even know what I should change to – there are so many options.”

@keiththebride Replying to @maeve_kelley has anyone else changed their middle name too when they got married? there are so many names what would I choose? #wedding #weddingtiktok #petsmart #AmazonSavingSpree #bridetobe #relationship #engagement ♬ Made You Look – Meghan Trainor

People in the comments have offered their own experiences and suggestions as to what Kathryn should change her middle name to.

One comment suggests: “If your middle name is Keller, what about Ellery or Elle to keep as many letters similar as possible?”

Another user says: “I never thought about it, but people have pointed out that my son’s initials are MOM. Should I regret that?”

A third adds: “Use your middle name but spell it with a C my mom was born KCK and always said she was thankful her parents didn’t give her a K middle name.”

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“I moved my maiden name to my middle name when I got married and dropped my original middle name,” someone else recommends.

A fifth user advises: “Try to shorten your maiden name or pick a name that sounds kinda similar and add that to your middle name.”

Others are suggesting in the comments that she should use her mum’s maiden name as her middle name.

However, Kathryn is informing everyone that this is a part of the problem, as Keller is her mother’s maiden name.

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