Man Who Died And ‘Saw Heaven’ Says Angels Took Him To Unexpected Place

A man who died and 'saw heaven' says angels came and took him to an unexpected place.
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A man who died and ‘saw heaven’ is saying that angels took him to an unexpected place.

Beliefs about where we go when we pass away can differ greatly between religions and cultures.

Some believe in an afterlife, where the soul or spirit of the deceased person goes to another place or is reincarnated in another body.

Others believe that it’s the end of consciousness, with nothing happening after death.

However, one man now claims to have the answers.

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A man from North Carolina who temporarily died after battling sepsis claims to have seen heaven and experienced an unexpected destination during his trip to the afterlife.

David Hanzel, a psychic medium, had often wondered what happens when we die, but he now believes he knows for sure.

Hanzel was admitted to the hospital with a severe lung infection and sepsis in September 2015 before going into a two-month-long coma after his heart stopped.

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He had ‘no conception’ of his own death, but he had previously believed that he would die an early death.

Hanzel has shared his experience with The Daily Star, stating that he found himself in ‘the most beautiful night sky’ he had ever seen.

He describes it as velvety, silky, and with no beginning or end.

Hanzel says he also saw two beings that guided him as he navigated his new surroundings.

David Hanzel
The man who died and ‘saw heaven’ says angels took him to an unexpected place. Credit: @mediumdavidhanzel/TikTok

Hanzel claims: “All of a sudden one being was on my left and one on my right.

“They just felt comfortable. Like I knew them.

“They showed me that it was the most beautiful, golden-white light.

“It was so pretty and there were all these angels and everything going up into it.”

The beings then took him to a pub-like setting that had beautiful, coloured bottles on the side, but there was no alcohol.

According to Hanzel, the beings told him that whatever he believed or was comfortable with, was what he would see first when he died.

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After the pub visit, he felt himself walking effortlessly up the side of a huge white marble building.

“When you stepped, you didn’t feel like your foot touched the ground,” he adds.

“Like there’s no gravity. It’s kind of like you’re floating and walking.”


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Upon waking up from the coma, Hanzel says that he came back with total forgiveness for everyone who had ever done anything bad to him.

He says that it literally took dying for him to understand things about religion and other aspects of life.

Hanzel’s experience during his coma shows that there may well be life after death, and what we expect to find may be far from what we anticipate.

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