Chloe Cherry Felt Safer Working In Adult Films Than In Restaurants

Euphoria star Chloe Cherry has said that she felt safer working in the adult film industry than in restaurants.
Credit: @perfect_angelgirl/Instagram

Chloe Cherry says that she felt safer working in the adult film industry than in restaurants. 

Cherry, 25, is a retired adult film star who made her acting debut as Faye in the hugely popular HBO series Euphoria.

She joined the p*** business as soon as she turned 18 and has over 200 film credits to her name.

Unlike many stars who have left the adult film industry, Cherry has talked positively about her experiences in the past.

Now, she’s opened up on that time in her life with model Emily Ratajkowski on her High Low with Emrata podcast.

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Chatting to the Gone Girl star, Cherry says she is grateful to the industry because it allowed her to make ‘tons of money’ and provided an exit route from a waitress job she hated.

“I’m so f*****g glad that I made tons of f*****g money at 18 instead of just scrapping my way as a s***ty waitress,” she said.

“I was confident enough to do that instead of wasting my life being hit on by some creepy 40-year-old.”

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Elaborating on her ‘creepy’ boss, she continues: “He was like an actual s**ual predator. Like, nobody in p*** is a registered s** offender.

“In p***, it was like, this is what we’re going to do today. There wasn’t like, then this random guy comes up to you and tries to touch you.

“I felt so much more respected in p*** than in a restaurant.”

Cherry ended her adult film-making career after her scene-stealing debut in Euphoria and added in the podcast that it was the right time for her to transition into acting.

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She explains: “I’d rather just … tie it up in a nice bow, and have that really awesome p*** career that went really well, rather than trying to do more with it.

“It went so well, and now I’m at this other side of things that, like, having s** with me, it’s not the same as doing p***.

‘If I were to be put on a scene with somebody the girl or guy like they might be like, ‘Holy s***, it’s Chloe Cherry’, and I’m just not comfortable with being seen as the celebrity of p*** stars.”

The Euphoria star went on to reveal that she had made more in one day of acting than she did in a year of p***, which helped finalise her decision to leave the business.

Chloe Cherry
Credit: @perfect_angelgirl/Instagram

Cherry’s comments contradict the opinions of some other former adult stars, with both Lana Rhoades and Mia Khalifa being particularly critical of the industry.

Rhoades, 26, says its stars are treated like circus acts and that it’s ‘unglamorous’.

While Khalifa, 29, only worked in the industry for three months and has urged other women not to join it.

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