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Gran, 63, And Husband, 26, Give Worrying Baby Update After Announcing First Child

A couple with a 37-year age gap have given a worrying update after announcing they're expecting their first child. 
Credit: @kingqurannewpage/TikTok & @oliver6060/Instagram

A couple with a 37-year age gap has given a worrying update after announcing they’re expecting their first child together.

Cheryl, 63, a mother of seven and a grandma of 17, fell in love with Quran, 26, when they bonded over making TikTok videos.

The couple, from the U.S.A., married in 2021 and often open up about their relationship on social media.

Last month, Cheryl and Quran made headlines when they announced they were having a baby.

But now, they’ve revealed a devastating update on their plans to start a family.

Cheryl and Quran.
Cheryl and Quran became TikTok famous through their dances. Credit: @kingqurannewpage/TikTok

When Cheryl and Quran first declared their love on social media, they became the subject of cruel trolls.

In a chat with Love Don’t Judge, Quran shared: “We get 10,000 hate comments a day, it’s horrible.”

Weighing in, Cheryl said: “The negative comments affect me horribly sometimes, they make me cry. I can’t handle some of it.”

She added that it’s difficult ‘trying to spread positivity’ when negativity is ‘attacking you back to back.’

Cheryl and Quran have tried their best to ignore the hate and focus on what they want most, a baby.

The couple has faced their fair share of setbacks when starting a family.

Quran and Cheryl.
Quran and Cheryl are desperate to start a family. Credit: @kingqurannewpage/TikTok

The grandmother and 26-year-old began their surrogacy journey in 2022, according to MailOnline.

In a chat with Truly, Cheryl revealed that she’s excited about this next chapter in her life, and has no concerns about being a mother in later life.

She said: “I’m not worried about me having a problem being a mother again, [I] actually would have more time with this child than I did my other ones.”

Last year, the couple’s surrogate allegedly ‘breached her contract,’ meaning she had to call it quits on carrying their child.

In an interview with, Quran claimed: “We’re completely broke. We don’t get paid for our content. And then the surrogate goes and bleeds us dry.

“We had paid for her food and travel and even gave her money for her and her family to enjoy Christmas.

“We wanted her to be happy as she was giving us the gift we’ve always wanted.”

But earlier this year, it appeared the couple had the news they’d been waiting so long for.

Cheryl and Quran.
Last month, Cheryl and Quran revealed they were expecting their first child. Credit: @kingqurannewpage/TikTok

Cheryl and Quran took to TikTok on May 9 and announced that their new surrogate’s pregnancy test was positive.

In a clip of the couple at a doctor’s appointment, the 26-year-old cried: “I’m gonna be a father.”

However, the pair have now shared a new update regarding their surrogate.

Quran McCain
Quran says he’s been ‘going through hell.’ Credit: @kingqurannewpage/TikTok

In a video, Quran breaks down in tears as he tells followers he’s been ‘going through hell.’

He says: “I don’t know how to feel, for the last two weeks I’ve been going through hell. Like, literal hell. All I want is a f***ing family and a healthy baby.

“It started on Father’s Day, woke up to a text at six in the morning saying ‘I don’t wanna do this anymore.’

“I’m stressed, I’m tired. Life has been whooping my a**, I’ve been there for the surrogate the whole nine yards.

“And it’s like I’m battling things like I can’t even battle myself alone, I’m just tired, I’m overwhelmed.”

Quran claims the surrogate’s mom has come into the picture and believes he and Cheryl ‘are doing this for likes and views.’

The 26-year-old fumes: “Lady, you have never took one day out of your time to meet us, yet you trying to take something that’s not yours.”

Quran and Cheryl.
Quran and Cheryl claim the surrogate now wants to keep the baby. Credit: @kingqurannewpage/TikTok

In a follow-up video, he and Cheryl claim the surrogate has made contact with them and said she is ‘keeping the baby.’

“I don’t know the case. That’s as far as we know with that situation,” Quran says.

American Surrogacy states there are no federal surrogacy laws in the U.S.A., any surrogacy arrangements ‘will depend on what kinds of processes are allowable in your state.’

Regarding the enforceability of surrogacy contracts, it elaborates: “Another contested area is whether or not a surrogacy contract can be legally enforced. There are some states that do not allow for this, which makes it incredibly risky for a surrogate or intended parent to begin the surrogacy process there.”

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