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Couple Hit Back At Trolls Who Criticise Their 42-Year Age Gap

A couple with a 42-year age gap have hit back at trolls who criticise their relationship.
Credit: @nikeishalouise/TikTok

A couple with a 42-year age gap have hit back at the haters who have criticised their relationship.

When it comes to other people’s love lives, it’s often a case of the less you know the better.

If other people are happy in their relationship, then who are we to judge?

But there’s one major area of relationship discourse that the internet just can’t resist offering their opinions on.

Age gap relationships are always a divisive issue on social media.

But this week, one couple with a 42-year gap has hit back at the haters and sprung to their relationship’s defence…

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Keisha Louise, 18, has defended her relationship with her 60-year-old boyfriend Dimitrios after online trolls targeted the pair.

The 18-year-old, who goes by the handle @nikeishalouise online, was initially criticised online after sharing snippets of her age-gap relationship across her social media accounts.

The pair have over 25,000 TikTok followers who check in on the pair for outfit videos, gym routines, and even holiday vlogs.

The couple reportedly began dating in 2022 and have now been together for over 18 months.

But not everyone is a fan of the pairing – with many sharing their distaste for the couple’s four-decade age gap.

Keisha Louise and Dimitrios.
The couple, who have a 42-year age gap, have hit back at the critics. Credit: @nikeishalouise/TikTok

One commenter made a joke that Dimitrios is old enough to be Keisha’s father, laughing: “Your daughter is very pretty.”

Another opined that: “He’s punching several tonnes above his weight.”

While another called Keisha’s self-esteem into question, imploring her to: “Love yourself girl, Jesus Christ.”

A further commenter made assumptions about Keisha having gold-digging motives, writing: “This is really how money can buy happiness.”

However, Keisha has hit back at the trolls with a TikTok video addressing all the hate.

“People be so bothered about other people’s lives,” she captions the clip.

The video shows Keisha dancing over a text which reads: “Ew you’re dating someone older than you.”

@nikeishalouise People be so bothered about other peoples lives✌️ #negativeenergy #itsmylife ♬ Wassup Gway – Famous Sally & YB

This isn’t the first time Keisha has used the social media platform to defend her age-gap relationship.

In another video, she writes: “When people think we will care about their opinions but really we just sit here and laugh.”

“We love all the trolls,” another video announces.

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Following these sassy responses, some of Keisha’s followers have offered their words of support for the pair.

“This is true love. Age is just a number people need to stop being so quick to judge if you’re happy, girl you’re happy,” one confirmed.

Another agreed: “As long as you’re both happy ignore what anyone else has to say that’s negative, this is adorable. You both look so happy.”

While a third added: “Beautiful couple. It’s a real gift finding your soul mate. Ignore haters.”

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