Couple ‘Gobsmacked’ And Left ‘In Tears’ After Reading Restaurant Bill For Anniversary Dinner

A couple were brought to tears and left 'gobsmacked' after reading a bill when visiting a restaurant on their recent anniversary.
Credit: Paul Molineux via Facebook

A couple was brought to tears and left ‘gobsmacked’ after reading a bill when visiting a restaurant on their recent anniversary.

We’ve all encountered moments when our eyes start to well up as we glance at the bill in a restaurant.

Who could have predicted that an additional appetiser would come at such a hefty cost? Or that a few beverages would accumulate to such a significant amount?

However, it’s a rare occurrence for us to find ourselves fortunate enough to have tears of joy in our eyes as the bill arrives.

For one couple that was the case as they headed out on a very special anniversary date.

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Paul and Dawn Molineux, hailing from Southport, were enjoying a special evening commemorating their remarkable 50th wedding anniversary at Hickory’s Smokehouse.

This celebration took place a few weeks ahead of their scheduled party – which was happening at the end of the month.

The duo, whose paths crossed at the tender ages of 14 and 16 during a blind date, were warmly welcomed at the restaurant by a joyous handwritten sign to mark their special occasion.

Paul Molineux
Paul and Dawn Molineux were eating out for their 50th wedding anniversary. Credit: Paul Molineux via Facebook

They engaged in a conversation with their server, discussing their anniversary and the fact that Paul, who is 68 years old, had been diagnosed with terminal cancer earlier in the same year.

Amidst their conversation with waiter James about their shared journey, they savoured a pair of beverages along with a 12oz steak and a burger.

However, a genuine surprise was awaiting them shortly thereafter…

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Paul spoke out in an interview with Liverpool Echo and said: “When he put the bill down we opened it and it said ‘Happy anniversary, the bill is on us’. It was an 80-quid bill too.

“I just saw the look on my wife’s face from across the table and thought have they got this wrong? She more or less broke into tears.

“We were gobsmacked. We had to go and find the bloke. We said you’re joking aren’t you?”

Restaurant bill
The restaurant kindly gave the couple a free meal. Credit: Paul Molineux via Facebook

As it happens, it turns out that the server James had recently assumed the role of deputy general manager at Hickory’s Smokehouse in the Southport branch, and it had been roughly six weeks since he took on this position.

He was deeply moved by the story of the couple and Paul’s continuous struggle with his health.

The pair share three adult children and are organising a large birthday celebration towards the end of this month.

They’re determined to embrace life to the maximum during the remaining months that Paul has.

Paul added: “I can honestly say in those 50 years the amount times we’ve fallen out I can count on one hand. It is difficult with the diagnosis, but we laugh about it.”

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