Doja Cat’s New Music Video Is Giving People Nightmares And Dubbed ‘Creepier Than 99% Of Horror Films’

Doja Cat has dropped a new music video for her track 'Demons' and it is giving people nightmares.
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Doja Cat has dropped a new music video for her track ‘Demons’ and it is giving people nightmares – with some claiming that it is even ‘creepier than 99% of horror films‘.

The ‘Paint The Town Red’ singer, 27, is no stranger to raising eyebrows – from her eye-popping Met Gala outfit where she dressed up as a cat to showing off her ‘demonic’ tattoo.

And now Doja’s latest music video has become a talking point across the internet.

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For the track ‘Demons’ – which is a part of her upcoming album ‘Scarlet’ – Doja dons makeup and prosthetics that makes her look like a demonic creature.

The ‘Attention’ singer spends the video haunting Christina Ricci (best known for playing Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family) and her family after they move into their new home.

There are visuals of her walking upside down on the ceiling, taunting the Wednesday star while she is in bed, and hanging out with a group of creatures similar to her in the attic.


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The music video is also full of references to classic horror movies such as The Exorcist, Halloween and Poltergeist.

There’s even a nod to A Nightmare on Elm Street, as a hand appears to grab Doja as she sits in a bath.

Since the video for the track has dropped, it has received over six million views on YouTube.

However, the reaction to the video has certainly been mixed online – with one person claiming that it is creepier than ‘99% of the horror films’ that have been put out recently.

“I refuse to watch it,” comments someone else.

A third person adds: “How do y’all watch the whole music video? I’m already having nightmares because of her.”

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“Guys it’s both it’s scary and concerning,” shares somebody else.

While a fifth admits: “I couldn’t even watch it completely.”

However, not everyone feels the fame and some fans are answering back by sharing their love for the viral video.

One person claps back: “Y’all are so dramatic. I was literally vibing the entire thing.”

“Doja is a marketing genius and all the talk about this song just proves it,” explains another.


A fourth fan says: “Honestly I am in love with the video it’s so well made. The eyes, the horns the tail movements. As a huge Conjuring fan, this is so good.”

While another person suggests: “They should’ve made it into a short movie. It was so good.”

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