Haunted Town In America Exists Which Is Entirely Abandoned And Illegal To Visit

Haunted Town In America
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A town in America has been entirely abandoned for years and it’s actually illegal to visit.

You may have heard of a haunted house or hotel, but have you ever heard of an entirely haunted town?

There’s a particular area that falls into this very category in Connecticut, US.

However, it’s highly probable you’ve never come across it, as it’s strictly prohibited for people to set foot there.

Exploring the haunted murder castle of the UK…

The chilling origin of Dudleytown began in the early 1740s when a group of individuals – some of whom were from the Dudley family – established a settlement in Cornwall, CT.

Situated within a valley known as the Dark Entry Forest – which should raise an immediate red flag – this place was originally utilised as a farm until the 19th century.

At first glance, it may not appear to be a recipe for a haunting, yet this town seemed to have an uncanny concentration of unfortunate demises, turning it into a peculiar hotspot for death.

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Following the arrival of Nathaniel Carter, a resident of this town, an eerie sequence of events unfolded, with six of his relatives falling ill and tragically succumbing to cholera.

Stricken by the loss, the remaining family members made a decision to leave the town, seeking solace in new surroundings in New York.

Unfortunately, fate had more misfortune in store for them, as they met a tragic end after settling on the unfamiliar land.

In yet another unsettling incident, a man named Gershon Hollister met an untimely demise while constructing a barn for his neighbour, William Tanner, within the bounds of Dudleytown.


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Following this tragedy, rumours began to circulate, suggesting that Tanner himself developed an obsession with recounting encounters of disturbing creatures emerging from the surrounding woods at night.

Astonishingly, this claim found echoes in the unsettling experiences shared by Tanner’s neighbour as well.

As time passed, an increasing number of residents met their demise, while additional individuals came forward with chilling accounts of witnessing strange beings lurking within the tree line encircling the town.

By the arrival of the year 1900, the majority of the inhabitants had either perished or departed, leaving the town nearly devoid of life.

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Yet a few years later, Dr Williams Clarke came across the settlement and decided to use it as a second home.

However, following a trip to New York in 1918, Clarke reportedly returned to Dudleytown to find his wife in distress, with her claiming that there were creatures in the forest.

Today, Dudleytown stands as a mere collection of cellar holes and scattered stone foundations. As a precautionary measure against trespassers and vandals, visiting the site is strictly prohibited by law.

Nevertheless, numerous individuals persist in their attempts to gain entry, often recounting unsettling experiences of phantom hands reaching out and making contact with them as they venture within.

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