Woman Believes House Is Haunted By Ghosts Who ‘Talk Dirty’ To Guests

A woman claims that her house is haunted by ghosts who 'talk dirty' to her guests.
Credit: WFAA

A woman claims that her house is haunted by ghosts who ‘talk dirty’ to everyone who visits.

Linda Hill was desperately trying to rent out her property on Denton Street, Gainesville, Texas, but couldn’t keep a tenant for longer than ‘six months’.

Speaking to WFAA, she said people were coming and going from her house like a revolving door and they had 10 tenants in less than two years.

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They all claimed the property was haunted, however, the homeowner did not believe them until she had her own brush with a ghost.

Hill explained she was having a shower in the house and could see a dark figure behind the curtain.

While it does sound like she was recalling the iconic scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, the mysterious shadow she saw instead complimented her by saying: “Looking good.”

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Initially, Hill thought it was her husband until he walked in and asked who she was talking to.

When she explained he swore that it wasn’t him.

There are also audio recordings of a voice saying, ‘Oh baby, oh baby, yeah, I like it like that’, along with footage of a door, that is jammed close, opening by itself.

Linda Hill at her home.
Linda Hill’s first encounter with a ghost happened when she saw a figure while in the shower. Credit: WFAA

“S**ual,” Linda Hill said of the supposed ghosts’ tendencies. “There’s no other way to put it.”

Hill added that the haunted house was previously a famous brothel, which might explain why the ghosts are so raunchy.

As to how these amorous ghosts ended up in the house, the news report describes a ’19-foot-well underneath the living room’ which some ‘believe [is] a spiritual portal’.

Due to the lack of tenants, Hill stopped renting out the property.

She has since turned the house into ‘Hill House Manor’, a residence for ghost investigators to analyse the house.

Silhouette of person behind curtains.
Men have reported feeling curious and pleasurable sensations in one of the rooms of the former brothel. Credit: Alamy

People on social media have been reacting to the dirty-talking ghosts.

One person commented: “A ghost who gives you compliments and says you look good sounds good to me.”

“Dirty talking ghosts? Now there’s a haunted house I can get on board with,” admitted another user.

“Sounds like a good time,” mentioned someone else.

A fourth person confessed: “What’s the address … I’m in need of that kind of attention, to be honest.”

Another user added: “I wonder how freaky the ghost be getting and what they are saying.”

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The house was built in the mid-1850s and has served a number of purposes over the years, according to Haunted Rooms America.

These include a private residence, a bordello, a speakeasy and a set of small apartments.

The most paranormally active part of the house is an upstairs room dubbed the ‘Fireplace Room’ for the presence of a decorative fireplace.

According to legend, this is one of the rooms where male clients used to be served in the days when the house served as a bordello.

Recording devices brought into the room have recorded ample amounts of EVP that are very raunchy.

While men who have walked through the room have reported feeling curious and pleasurable sensations as if being touched by the ghosts.

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