Woman With Nine Months Left To Live Asked Husband If She Could Sleep With Ex Just One Last Time

A man has taken to Reddit and shared how his dying wife has asked if she can sleep with her ex one last time before she passes.
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A man has revealed that his dying wife, who has just nine months to live, has asked him if she could sleep with her ex just one last time.

If discovering that your life partner is diagnosed with a terminal illness isn’t bad enough, consider this.

What if they asked you if they could share an intimate night with their ex before they pass?

A man who wishes to remain anonymous has taken to Reddit and opened up about the shocking story that has gone viral

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The man begins: “I can’t have this tied to my main, but I really need to say something about it and have no one I can tell.”

He first shares the heartbreaking background to his bizarre story, writing: “My wife has a terminal disease. She is projected to live at most 9 months. I am of course destroyed. We’ve been together for a decade. I don’t remember life without her and I don’t know what I’m going to do when she’s gone. I have been doing my best to make the last days of her life good and grant whatever wish I can.”

Man with head in his hands.
A wife with nine months to live asked her husband if she could sleep with her ex one last time. Credit: Alamy

But after being hit with this devastating blow, the anonymous husband’s wife hit him with more bad news, in the form of her dying wish.

“Recently she sat me down and told me that one of the last things she wanted to do was have s** with a previous partner of hers,” the husband says.

“I of course was shocked and when I asked why the f*** she wants that. So basically she thinks that her most physically compatible and satisfying lover was him.

“She gave a whole monologue about how s** sometimes is just physical and how emotionally fulfilling s** is with me but it was bulls*** to get to that point.”

The man then explains the moral quandary he’s been put in by his dying wife’s request.

“So now I’m left with this, deny my dying wife a wish for my own ego, or let her go f*** another man who she feels was better,” he continues.

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“Honestly I’m so p***ed off and betrayed that she asked this of me. I feel like I’m put in a position where I have to say yes because she’s dying.”

The husband concludes: “I know what I want to say, but I don’t know if that’s right. I’m so hurt that s** with an ex was apparently so good that she needs to do it once before she dies. I just hate everything about this.”

People have been left absolutely baffled by the OP’s revelation.

One writes: “Well if she wants to do it, he should leave her and get a divorce or separate from her. Let her have s** with her ex and when she comes back because she needs help in her last few months – tell her to go ask her ex to help her.

“You don’t deserve this dude, I would be crushed If my partner asked me this. But yeah it’s a terrible memory to be left with but I would probably not even be able to stay with that person if they had told me that was what they wanted to do.”

Woman in hospital bed.
One woman’s dying wish has left her husband heartbroken. Credit: AlexanderGrey/Pixabay

A second advises: “No you don’t grant the wish I’m assuming she’s in a lot of pain and has to take pain medicine? We’ve all heard how people say and do things they wouldn’t normally do when taking certain medicines. If that’s not the case I’m so sorry. Still do not grant the wish.”

While a third agrees: “Just because someone is terminally ill does not mean that they can dump this onto their partner even though they internally know that is is wrong.

“When they committed to their partner, I would assume that they never intended to have any more s**ual encounters with their ex for the rest of their life.

“This does not change because the end of their life is sooner than they anticipated. I don’t know, it sucks but I would hate for that to be something I would have to remember my partner asked for before they die. It would never leave my mind even after death.”

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