Sisters Who Do Everything Together Even Use The Toilet At Same Time

Siblings from the TLC show Extreme Sisters have gone viral after admitting that they would use the toilet at the same time.
Credit: TLC

Sisters who do everything together have gone viral after admitting they use the toilet at the same time.

The pair opened up about their special bond on TLC’s Extreme Sisters.

The reality TV show follows inseparable siblings making shocking confessions about their special bonds.

In one episode, viewers are introduced to twins Christina and Jessica, 37, who admit to having a pretty unusual toilet habit.

Watch the sisters discuss using the toilet at the same time below…

The pair reveal that they have gone to extreme lengths to stay close.

Christina admits: “When we were growing up, we would share the toilet and go poop together.

“So, we would basically straddle each other – sometimes you had your arm around me like this – and it would drop. We would literally poop at the same time.”

Jessica then demonstrates how this would work by sitting on Christina’s lap.

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TLC shared a clip of the bizarre scene on TikTok, alongside the caption: “Would you go number two with your number one?”

Many fans have taken to the comments to share their thoughts.

One person says: “I could have gone my whole life without knowing this information.”

Extreme Sisters
Christina and Jessica have gone viral on TikTok after opening up about their sibling bond. Credit: TLC

In agreement, another adds: “This is called oversharing. No one needs or wants to know this.”

“Sometimes sharing is not caring,” a third says.

While others have taken to the comments to say that this is taking the relationship too far.

“OK, this is just too much. I know they are close but really?” one writes.

A second says: “They need major help.”

TLC's Extreme Sisters
Christina and Jessica star in the TLC reality show Extreme Sisters. Credit: TLC

Jokingly, a third person comments: “Disclaimer: this is not what girls do when we go to the bathroom together.”

But it’s not just Christina and Jessica who have made bizarre confessions in the Extreme Sisters series.

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In one episode, sisters Brooke, 24, and Baylee, 22, reveal that they are so close they even share the same underwear and toothbrushes.

Insisting that their behaviour isn’t that unusual, Baylee tells Fox News: “A lot of people are shocked that we have shared underwear. It’s not that crazy at all.

Extreme Sisters
Christina and Jessica have opened up about their special bond. Credit: TLC

“Sometimes you just have to grab and go!”

While Brooke weighs in, commenting: “Oh my god, the thing I love about the show is it shows the realness.

“So whether people want to admit it or not, they’re sharing underwear. If they’re saying they’re not, they’re liars.”

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