Five Guys Finally Explains Why It Charges So Much For Burger And Fries

Have you ever wondered why Five Guys charges so much for burgers and fries? Well, the fast-food chain has finally explained why.
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Have you ever wondered why Five Guys charges so much for burgers and fries? Well, the fast-food chain has finally explained the reasoning behind it. 

Despite only being established in the 1980s, Five Guys has cemented itself as one of the fastest-growing food restaurants and is hugely popular.

However, one criticism it has faced is its expensive prices, which the chain has finally spoken out about.

Check out the Five Guys’ secret menu below…

The prices at the fast-food chain have been compared to the same as a sit-down meal at a restaurant.

A simple burger, small fries and milkshake will cost you £15.15 in the UK and $15.57 in the US.

When compared to its competitors, its food menu is also very simple as it only offers fries, burgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches.

However, Five Guys does spoil its customers by allowing them to choose as many toppings as they want to put on their burgers for free.

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So if you want relish, jalapeños and 15 pickles in your burger, you are more than welcome to.

And if you want nine different flavours in your milkshake, knock yourself out.

Five Guys pride itself on how fresh its food is and the brand says this is the reason why it is so pricey.

Iain Ross-Mackenzie, the director of operations-APAC at Five Guys International, tells TRP: “People come to Five Guys for a simple, great American burger. And that’s what they will get here.

“Nothing in [the] store is frozen. We only ever use fresh ingredients.”

Five Guys order
Five Guys has finally explained why it charges so much for burgers and fries. Credit: Alamy

Whenever you visit a Five Guys, you will see a sign telling you where the potatoes being used on the day are from.

The chain ensures that the burgers are served with the best quality products, while the beef patties are never frozen.

It also guarantees that there are fresh vegetables in the burgers and that the fries are hand-cut in-store from potatoes all over the world.

This would explain why its products are more expensive than the average fast-food chain.

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Mackenzie also adds that Five Guys makes sure that all the restaurants have the same American feel, no matter where it is in the world.

“Five Guys is your regular burger joint, where you know the people and the food and we know you and your preferences,” he notes.

This is unlike its competitors, which will have unique items on the menu depending on its location.

For example, a McDonald’s in China may have a slightly different menu to a branch in the UK.

However, a Five Guys restaurant in China will be the same as its British counterpart.

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