Five Planets In Solar System Will Be Visible From Earth At Same Time This Month

Five planets in the solar system will be visible from Earth at the same time this March.
Credit: Alamy

Five planets in the solar system will be visible from Earth at the same time this month. 

The unusual event will be taking place due to a rare planetary alignment.

Star Walk says a planetary alignment is when planets appear close together in a small sector of the sky, as seen from Earth.

This means stargazers will be in for an exciting treat.

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JupiterMercury, Uranus, Mars and Venus are all expected to line up together in the sky shortly after sunset on March 28.

Mercury and Jupiter, which will be two of the brightest planets, will be visible near the horizon.

While Venus will shine higher in the sky.

Mars should be spotted near the first quarter of the moon.

However, binoculars will be needed if you want to look at Uranus.

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The University of Edinburgh’s Beth Millar has explained to the Daily Mail how people will be available to view this unusual sighting.

She says: “Venus and Jupiter are both very bright and easy to pick out and you may have already seen them close together over the past few weeks.

“Mars is a bit fainter, but still easily observed with the naked eye.

“Mercury starts getting tricky – you need to be at a dark site with a clear view of the horizon if you want to see Mercury.

“Uranus is the faintest and hardest to see – you’ll need binoculars or a telescope to see Uranus.”

Five planets in the solar system will be visible from Earth at the same time this March. Credit: Alamy

Despite this being a rare phenomenon, five planets aligning has actually happened twice within the last 10 years  – with it happening in both 2016 and 2020.

Even though you don’t need any special equipment – apart from binoculars – Star Walk recommend you download the Sky Tonight app to track where the planets are.

While the planets will form a line, it will not be perfectly straight so having the app will help you find where the planets are in the sky.

Rick Fienberg, the senior editor at Sky & Telescope, adds that it is important to consider your location if you want the best sight.

Speaking to Fox, he explains: “Unless you have a clear sky and a nearly flat western horizon free of obstructions such as trees or buildings, you won’t see Jupiter and Mercury.”

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If you do miss out on this spectacle, do not worry as other alignments are set to take place in the year.

Less than a month later Mercury, Uranus, Venus and Mars are expected to align once again.

While on April 24, Mars, Venus, Uranus and Mercury should be gathering together and are expected to be spotted from Earth.

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