People Are Horrified After Finding Out One Body Part Is Always Removed During An Autopsy

People are horrified after finding out there's one particular body part that is always removed in an autopsy.
Credit: @big_led73/TikTok & Alamy

People have been left horrified after finding out that one part of the body is always removed during an autopsy. 

An autopsy is a medical exam of a body after death. It’s conducted to establish a cause of death or in some cases, to identify the body.

Most people will be familiar with autopsies through film or TV shows, with little knowledge of what really happens during the exam.

But now, an autopsy technician has gone viral after revealing further information.

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Before an autopsy even begins, investigators will gather all the information possible about the subject and the events leading to their death.

This includes looking into medical records, speaking with doctors and family members and examining the location and circumstances of death.

The person who carries out the autopsy will remove the deceased’s clothes and examine their body, looking for any unusual scars, visible injuries or anything unusual.

X-rays may reveal any bone irregularity, while ultraviolet light can help detect certain residues – such as marks that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

Samples of hair and nails may also be taken.

An autopsy typically lasts between two to four hours.

An autopsy is a medical exam of a body after passing and it can help establish the cause of death. Credit: Alamy

While we like to think that what we see on TV is accurate when it comes to an autopsy, Texas pathologist Dr Ed Uthman – who has written a screenwriter’s guide to autopsies – says this isn’t the case.

He tells Live Science that in movies and TV shows, a common mistake is made when it comes to the incision – the cut through the skin that is made during surgery.

“The most common error is making the trunk incision wrong,” Uthman says.

“On women, the two arms of the Y are supposed to curve around under the breasts, but in films, they invariably show them straight and above the breasts.

“Also, in both sexes, they make the arms of the Y too short; they actually need to extend all the way up to each shoulder joint.”

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But this isn’t the only thing that people are discovering about autopsies – apparently, one particular part of the body is always removed and many had no idea.

Reacting to the news, one person jokes: “Just decided I won’t be dying.”

A second questions: “Is it possible to say that you do not want an autopsy? Like a legal form, instead of a DNR a DNA (do not autopsy).”

“Didn’t need to know that part,” comments a third person.

Another quips: “Looks like I’m just gonna live forever.”

Gerald Ledford
The autopsy technician has revealed that one part of the body is always removed during an autopsy. Credit: @big_led73/TikTok

Autopsy technician Gerald Ledford, who goes by @big_led73 on TikTok, has been asked by his followers what happens to piercings when a person dies.

He explains that most of them tend to stay with the deceased, however, one particular piercing is removed with a part of the body.

“The only one that I take out is your tongue ring,” Ledford tells his followers.

“I remove your tongue during an autopsy – we need to make sure you didn’t bite down on it, make sure you don’t have drugs in the back of your throat.

“So if you have a tongue ring, that one comes out, but nipples, nose, ears, eyebrows, private parts [stay].”

In a follow-up video, Ledford addresses someone who has asked whether the ‘whole tongue’ has to come out or ‘just the tip’.

“We take the whole tongue out, and your throat, and your aorta,” he responds.

The aorta is a cane-shaped vessel that delivers oxygen-rich blood to your body, as per the Cleveland Clinic.

@big_led73 Reply to @teenie1228 you get to keep all your piercings except the tongue 👅 I take your tongue out #piercing #piercings #bodyjewelry #autopsy #autopsytech ♬ Something Stupid – Percy Faith & His Orchestra

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