Gen Z Have Cancelled Skinny Jeans And Suggested Alternative Style To Wear

Gen Z has cancelled the skinny jeans trend and suggested an alternative style to wear.
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Gen Z has cancelled one of the Millennials’ favourite fashion trends – skinny jeans.

Millennials, born between 1981 and 1996, got their moniker as they started coming of age and shaping their generation around the year 2000.

Gen Z, born between 1997 and 2012, are the digital dynamos who came into the world with smartphones and social media apps already in their tiny little hands.

While every generation has its quirks and trends, it seems Gen Z can’t resist ridiculing their older counterparts.

And it appears one specific item of clothing has inspired a large amount of disgust from the younger generation – as young TikTok users are taking to the platform to express their hatred of the clothing item.

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That’s right – skinny jeans – the much-loved addition to many a Millenial wardrobe.

Skinny jeans were everywhere in the mid-2000s, often paired with other big trends of the time such as ballet flats, gladiator sandals, peplum tops and statement necklaces.

But now it appears they have fallen out of favour with the younger generation.

TikTok creator Monette Kuittinen-Dhaoui has used the platform to share three methods for styling skinny jeans with her tens of thousands of followers.

Skinny Jeans
TikTok users took to the platform to express their hatred for the jean style. Credit: Alamy

The TikToker instructed viewers on what to do with the items, quipping: “Just toss them away.”

Then, in a playful manner, she comically placed the black skinny jeans into a trash bin.

She continued by saying the second ‘styling’ tip was to ‘burn them’ while the third advised to ‘cut them up and make something else’.

As expected, Millennials have been left displeased to learn that their cherished fashion staple is no longer considered fashionable.

One TikTok user writes: “I know some people hate them but I really like them and feel really comfortable in them.”

“Just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean we all shouldn’t like it,” adds a second user.

A third user quips: “Guys what I kinda like them…”

@momohkd Skinny jeans just aren’t for me but to each their own. #momostyleme #fashion #TodayILearned #skinnyjeans #diy ♬ Brace Yourself – zenorachi

The remainder of the online community, on the other hand, has readily joined the chorus of criticism against skinny jeans.

One TikTok user elaborates, stating: “I put a pair on yesterday for the first time in SO long and I immediately took them off.”

“I genuinely don’t know how I ever wore skinny jeans, they’re uncomfortable and make me feel insecure like??? What was going on inside my head?” says a second user.

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Gen Z may have deemed the jeans as out of style, however, there are plenty of options circulating online that the younger generation are on board with.

In their characteristic fashion-forward spirit, Gen Z members have suggested alternative wardrobe choices for those who are looking to revamp their style from the once-beloved skinny jeans.

They’ve got a treasure trove of options to explore, ranging from the timeless flared, wide-leg and straight-leg mom jeans to the ever-practical cargo pants and utility trousers.

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