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Hairdresser Lists Four Things She Can’t Stand Clients Doing In Brutally Honest Rant

A hairdresser has gone viral after listing the four things she can't stand clients doing.
Credit: @emilyrosepytel/TikTok

A hairdresser has gone viral after listing the four things she can’t stand clients doing.

Emily Pytel has stirred up the world of hairstyling after sharing a brutally honest video on TikTok.

In her post, the cosmetologist goes through the customer ‘icks’ that can be frustrating for hairdressers during appointments.

Pytel’s honest revelations have ignited a heated debate on salon etiquette and the often misunderstood dynamics between stylists and their clients.

Emily Pytel
A hairdresser has shared the four ‘icks’ hairstylists have when it comes to clients. Credit: @emilyrosepytel/TikTok

Reacting to Pytel’s video, one TikToker comments: “Not going to lie, this gave me more anxieties and insecurities around going to a salon, I am always worried they are judging me.”

A second person comments: “This is why I color my own hair. I don’t want to get judged for doing something wrong lol.”

So, let’s find out why Pytel’s video has ignited such comments by taking a look at the four ‘icks’:

1. Dirty hair

Pytel’s first and perhaps most contentious point addresses clients arriving with unwashed hair.

In the viral video, the hairdresser firmly states: “When a client comes to me with super dirty hair, just no.”

Elaborating, she adds: “We don’t want to touch your dirty hair but it’s also not good for your color, it doesn’t take as well.”

This revelation has surprised many viewers, as conflicting advice has circulated for years about the ideal state of hair for coloring appointments.

The confusion is evident in the comments, with one viewer expressing: “I was always told to get your hair colored with dirty hair.”

However, some commenters are siding with Pytel, as another person shares: “Once my hair was filthy and I asked my stylist last time and she said day old hair is only for styling, otherwise come with it clean.”

2. Eye contact

Pytel’s second ‘ick’ addresses a common yet often overlooked faux pas during hair washing.

“Don’t do that, it is awkward for everybody – just close your eyes,” she advises, referring to clients who make eye contact as their hair is shampooed.

Emily Pytel
The hairdresser’s ‘icks’ have sparked a debate on TikTok. Credit: @emilyrosepytel/TikTok

3. Rudeness

The third point on Pytel’s list touches on punctuality and consideration.

The hairstylist explains: “When you show up late but you have a coffee in your hand and don’t have one for us. We love coffee too and we need the caffeine to do your hair.”

This comment in particular has sparked a debate among viewers, with some pushing back against this expectation: “I am not bringing coffee for someone I don’t know.”

In agreement, another adds: “Get your own coffee, but I get it is annoying when people are late.”

4. Turning your head

Pytel’s final ‘ick’ addresses a habit many clients might not realize is problematic.

She says: “When you are in our chair and we turn our chair and the head looks back at the mirror, please don’t do that because there is a reason we are turning your chair.”

This particular insight offers clients a glimpse into the nature of hairstyling and the importance of trusting the process.

@dailyblastlive Emily Pytel (@emilyrosepytel), a hairstylist from Chicago, came on DBL Thursday to explain the ‘icks’ she shared when it comes to customers. Earlier this week we shared her ‘TikTok video that went viral over the four things ­­she can’t stand when it comes to clients. One of those ‘icks’ was when clients show up with dirty hair. Heres why she said this. #hairstyle #hairstylist #tiktok #annoying #annoyed #annoyance #hairdresser #dirtyhair #chicago ♬ original sound – DBL

Are you guilty of any of these ‘icks’?

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