Man Drops GoPro Under Cruise Ship And Footage Leaves People ‘Terrified’

People have been left 'terrified' after discovering GoPro footage of what the underneath of a cruise ship looks like.
Credit: Odysseas Froilan via YouTube

People have been left ‘terrified’ after discovering GoPro footage of what the underneath of a cruise ship looks like.

Many people view cruises as the ultimate holiday luxury.

You can eat and drink whatever and whenever you like and enjoy a whole host of activities on board, all while visiting stunning vacation spots on shore too.

However, cruises aren’t perfect.

And now, people on social media are going wild after discovering what lies beneath a luxurious cruise ship.

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But this isn’t the only thing about cruise ships that has left people creeped out.

Recently, a TikTok video has gone viral after showing the spine-chilling reality of what a cruise ship looks like at night.

@chasingthedream.hj shared a video of a cruise ship in the dark and it’s provided the internet with some serious nightmare fuel.

“Cruises are great until you realise how dark the ocean gets at night,” the clip is captioned.

Cruise at nighttime.
People were previously left terrified after seeing what a cruise ship looks like at night. Credit: @chasingthedream.hj/TikTok

The video has left many feeling petrified, with one person writing: “Nope, I have a weird thing about bodies of water at night! That would creep me out way too much.”

Another disturbed viewer asks: “Why can’t you see the stars??”

“You cannot pay me enough to go on a cruise,” shares a third.

Somebody else vows: “And that’s why… I WILL NEVER.”

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The TikToker behind the viral video explains: “Unless you’ve been on a cruise ship, you’re not going to understand how dark it gets at night.

“And then they say, ‘All you’re doing is showing the swimming pool’, it’s kind of because there’s nothing to see if you look overboard at night because it’s absolutely pitch black.”

But now it’s a brand new horrifying cruise ship video that’s circulating the internet.

Odysseas Froilan's GoPro footage.
A brand new cruise ship video is going viral. Credit: Odysseas Froilan via YouTube

Greek photographer Odysseas Froilan has creeped out viewers after sharing GoPro footage of what it looks like under a cruise ship.

It’s unclear where in the ocean he lowered his GoPro.

It’s quickly garnered many shocked responses, with one person commenting: “The way I went from kicking my feet in the air at the cute fishies and thinking ‘Maybe the ocean isn’t so scary after all’ in the day footage to blankly staring, terrified, at the night footage, further confirming my intense fear of the ocean,” one viewer comments.

Another agrees, adding: “This was way more interesting than I thought it would be. Man, there’s something primally terrifying about seeing a shark emerge from the darkness like that.”

Odysseas Froilan's GoPro footage.
The GoPro footage was captured by Greek photographer Odysseas Froilan. Credit: Odysseas Froilan via YouTube

A third viewer writes: “For years I wondered why there were pools on a cruise ship when there was this great big body of water to swim in. It’s videos like this that make me realise the importance of swimming in chlorine water.”

In the creepy clip, sharks come into view of the GoPro camera and one quickly darts into the camera night light, much faster than you’d expect.

Soon after, a huge shark is seen coming out of the shadows, only to calmly swim back into the blackness.

It gives us the shivers just thinking about it!

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