People Vow To ‘Never’ Go On A Cruise After Seeing ‘Terrifying’ Reality Of What They Look Like At Night

People have been left terrified after seeing what a cruise looks like at night, and are vowing that they'll never go on one now they know...
Credit: @chasingthedream.hj/TikTok

People have been left terrified after seeing what a cruise looks like at night, and are vowing that they’ll never go on one now they know…

Many people view cruises as the ultimate in holiday relaxation.

You can eat and drink whatever you like, plus enjoy a whole host of activities on board, all while visiting stunning vacation spots on shore, too.

However, cruises aren’t perfect.

And this week, social media has been going wild after discovering what cruises look like at night…

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After the sun goes down, cruises can take on a rather more eery appearance.

TikTok user @chasingthedream.hj shared a video of a cruise ship after dark which has provided the internet with some serious nightmare fuel.

He captioned his video: “Cruises are great until you realise how dark the ocean gets at night.”

The video then showed the terrifying reality of nighttime on a cruise ship, and it left many feeling absolutely petrified.

One creeped-out viewer asks: “Why can’t you see the stars??”

Another adds: “Nope, I have a weird thing about bodies of water at night! That would creep me out way too much.”

Someone else comments: “You cannot pay me enough to go on a cruise.”

“And that’s why…..I WILL NEVER,” another vows.

“I love cruising. But I made the mistake of heading outside on a lower deck at night,” a fifth reminisces. “Almost had a panic attack when I saw the black.”

A cruise at night.
People have been left terrified after seeing what a cruise looks like at night. Credit: @chasingthedream.hj/TikTok

However, some others disagree that these sights are actually scary.

One writes: “I don’t know why people see this as a shock. You’re literally in the middle of the ocean. You put your trust in the staff and captains. I love cruises and all of the excursions.”

Another agrees: “It’s beautiful. Peaceful. I don’t find it scary at all! Then again, stars were in abundance and you see so much more!”

“Ahh I think it’s one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had and I’m lucky to have had the opportunity and the stars are incredible!” writes a third.

While a fourth adds: “We are used to everything being illuminated all the time. I would take the time on a cruise to sit and properly look at the stars. Something you can’t do in a town.”

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TikToker @chasingthedream.hj explains: “Unless you’ve been on a cruise ship, you’re not going to understand how dark it gets at night.

“And then they say, ‘all you’re doing is showing the swimming pool’, it’s kind of because there’s nothing to see if you look overboard at night because it’s absolutely pitch black.”

He then explains it’s ‘the blackest black you’ll ever see’, before moving the camera and showing the viewer for themselves…

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