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Grandmother Who’s Slept With Over 800 People Shares The One Thing That Turns Men On

A grandmother who has slept with over 800 people has revealed the one thing she uses to turn men on. 
Credit: @andrea__sunshinee/Instagram

A grandmother who has slept with over 800 people has revealed how she turns men on. 

When Andrea Sunshine posts a racy snap on Instagram wearing a barely-there bikini, she anticipates a flood of messages.

The 54-year-old grandma, fitness model and OFs creator has become accustomed to men trying to strike up conversations with her.

And now, Sunshine has shared the secrets to her success…

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This isn’t the first time an ‘expert’ has spoken out and shared dating advice.

Previously, ‘Australia‘s most s**ually active woman’ Annie Knight went viral after revealing the one trick that will make your crush want you.

Annie Knight
Annie Knight says there’s one dating trick to follow if you want your crush to want you even more. Credit: @anniekknight/Instagram

Knight says on the Double Dose podcast that when you start dating a guy, it’s wise to ‘start playing some games’.

She explains: “You also act like you don’t have time so it makes them want you more.

“This is what I’ve found over the years. And that is annoying because you feel like you have to change who you are.

“But you’re not changing yourself, you just have to play these small games. And then once you’ve got him, do what you want.”

And now, Sunshine has offered her thoughts on how to attract men…

Andrea Sunshine
Andrea Sunshine is a grandmother and bodybuilder who goes on numerous dates each week. Credit: @andrea__sunshinee/Instagram

Brazillian-born Sunshine, who now resides in London, is an ultra-fit bodybuilder, dedicating hours to maintaining her impressive physique.

She enjoys ‘naked yoga’ and describes s** as her fuel.

In an average week, the grandmother dates around three to five people, including men and women.

She also claims to receive marriage proposals on the daily and has apparently slept with over 800 people since her divorce.

Sunshine has her fair share of fans online too.

Andrea Sunshine
Andrea Sunshine claims she’s proposed to on the daily. Credit: @andrea__sunshinee/Instagram

Sunshine tells the Daily Star: “I already received a marriage proposal from an Irishman offering 200 goats to marry me, which was insane…

“He also wants to see me shave myself and would pay £50,000, but I’d have to show my face on the video. You can’t turn down £50,000!”

The bodybuilder has had a string of lovers following her marriage – she’s since welcomed hundreds of partners into her bed, some being one-night stands and others being relationships that she claims ‘didn’t last long enough’.

Andrea Sunshine
The Brazilian bodybuilder has amassed an array of admirers. Credit: @andrea__sunshinee/Instagram

One of her encounters under the sheets was with a set of twin sisters.

The bodybuilder, who is ‘very attracted to beautiful ladies’, tells the Daily Star: “We had this ladies’ night where we went out for dinner and then clubbing. We talked about s** non-stop, which got us all very h**ny and led us back to my flat.

“During the excitement, one of the sisters came up with the idea of calling her boyfriend, who then joined us. It was indescribably hot.”

Another notable experience involved a steamy session with two guys at the same time.

Andrea Sunshine
Andrea Sunshine says her physique and age can be a turn-on for men. Credit: @andrea__sunshinee/Instagram

In case you’ve not already guessed, Sunshine uses her impressive physique to turn men on – combined with her age.

The 54-year-old tells the Daily Star that men find her muscles super attractive, explaining: “There’s a type of fetish about mature and muscular women for young men.”

She adds that her age also suggests ‘more experience and self-trust’, something that is ‘missing with inexperienced young ladies’.

Although Sunshine is usually attracted to ‘mature men’, she says being seen as a ‘cougar’ isn’t unwelcome.

The grandmother adds: “Honestly, it gives me a kick.”

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