Mom Furious After She And Son With Down’s Syndrome Kicked Out Of Pink Concert

A mom claims she and her young son who has Down's syndrome were 'treated like criminals' at Pink's concert.
Credit: Vanessa Vasey via Facebook & Alamy

A mom claims she and her young son were ‘treated like criminals’ at Pink’s concert. 

Vanessa Vasey, 48, spent $802 (£630) on tickets to take her son Jesse – who has Down’s syndrome – to see the pop star perform at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Saturday.

However, the exciting day out was ruined when the mom and son were allegedly approached by security and given an ultimatum.

Vanessa and Jesse Vasey.
Mom Vanessa Vasey and her son were escorted out of Pink’s concert. Credit: Vanessa Vasey via Facebook

Pink’s Summer Carnival tour is being performed across 10 countries and is reportedly one of the high-grossing concerts by a woman.

It’s made headlines numerous times, from a parent being told to pay $180 to bring their newborn along to a fan throwing their mother’s ashes on stage.

And now, Pink’s tour is making headlines once again.

Pink performing.
Pink is currently touring across 10 countries. Credit: Alamy

Vasey claims to the Daily Mail that ‘around six security guards’ approached her and her son and it became a ‘horrific’ situation.

She says Jesse was left ‘upset’ and they were escorted from the building ‘like criminals.’

After hearing Vasey’s story, people have taken to social media and shared their support for the single mom.

“Oh no, what an awful thing to happen,” one Facebook user writes.

In agreement, another adds: “It’s absolutely sickening to see this! Absolutely vile how they could do this! I am so sorry you had to go through all that ordeal, it’s awful.”

A third person pens: “I certainly hope Pink gets to see this and she does the right thing.”

“Omg, poor Jesse!” someone else comments. “This is not on at all. I’m sure if Pink was to see this, she’s gonna be p***ed about the whole situation! Big hugs lil man.”

Jesse Vasey
Vanessa Vasey says she and her son were ‘treated like criminals’ at Pink’s concert. Credit: Vanessa Vasey via Facebook

Vasey explains to the Daily Mail that her youngster’s disabilities and sensory disorders meant he refused to stay seated at the concert.

She had purchased hospitality tickets, allowing access to the bar and restaurant areas throughout the evening so her son wasn’t stuck in his seat the entire time.

The mom tells the publication: “When it came to sitting in our seats, Jesse didn’t want to. So we stood up by our seats and Jesse was dancing.

“We weren’t causing any problems – Jesse is three feet tall and was entertaining everyone.”

She adds: “We were intimidated and by the time we decided to go, there were 10 of them around us.”

Vasey tells Daily Mail they were offered seating in a soundproof sensory room but this meant her son ‘wouldn’t have heard any of the act’ and would have had to watch it on a screen.

Vanessa and Jesse Vasey.
The stadium has addressed the alleged incident. Credit: Vanessa Vasey via Facebook

The mom described the alleged incident in further detail on Facebook, adding: “My poor boy deserved so much better than this!!!”

A spokesperson for Tottenham Hotspur Stadium says, per Daily Mail: “We are aware of the complaint that has been posted on Facebook, which has not been received directly.

“As a venue that prides itself on providing fully inclusive facilities for all, we are extremely sorry to hear that Jesse did not enjoy a positive experience at Saturday night’s concert.

“Following further investigation, we can confirm that Ms. Vasey was offered assistance by our Safeguarding and Welfare teams throughout the night to provide Jesse with a comfortable viewing experience, including access to our dedicated Sensory Room. The offers of assistance were declined by Ms. Vasey and the party chose to leave the event.

“Although our records show Ms. Vasey purchased her tickets through Ticketmaster, we shall contact Ms. Vasey directly. The safety and security of all event attendees remains our utmost priority.”

IGV has reached out to Vanessa Vasey for further comment. 

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