Doctor Explains What The Random Chest Pains You Get Are

A doctor has explained what random chest pains people get are and what they mean. 
Credit: @lifeofadoctor/TikTok

A doctor has explained what random chest pains people get are and what they mean. 

The medical expert, who goes by the username @lifeofadoctor on TikTok, reassured his followers that this experience is much more common and normal than most people would think.

He decided to address the concern when someone posted a clip with the text: “When you get that random chest pain every 6 months since you were a child where you feel a stabbing pain in your heart and have to breathe tiny breaths till it randomly goes away.”

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In response, he explained: “If you’ve ever had random chest pain, listen closely. Not all chest pain comes from the heart. In fact, one of the most common causes of chest pain is something known as pre-cordial catch syndrome.

“This is usually described as sudden onset sharp chest pain that’s located in this area. Now, this pain lasts for a few seconds, two minutes and it’s worse with deep breathing.

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“And this is believed to be due to a pinched nerve that runs across a chest wall and is not life-threatening.”

Since being uploaded, the clip has accumulated a whopping 14.7 million views and over 10,000 have taken to the comments and shared their experiences.

One responded: “I always knew it wasn’t life-threatening but each time it happens I’m always like, ‘Well this is it’.”

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“The amount of time I thought I was getting a heart attack and thinking I am wayyy to young to go out this way lmao,” added another.

A third wrote: “I thought I was dying for YEARS.”

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