TV Viewers Sickened After Watching New Show About ‘Human Meat’

The Gregg Wallace: British Miracle Meat show has left viewers sickened.
Credit: Channel 4

Viewers have been left sickened after watching a bizarre new TV show which shows Masterchef’s Gregg Wallace tuck into ‘human meat’. 

While there are plenty of documentaries that explore food factories and how produce gets made, none of them has left viewers quite as speechless as Channel 4’s latest programme.

In the show, Gregg is told how burgers, steaks, and sausages can be made from ‘thin slices of human tissue’ which create a ‘nutrient-rich mix’ which causes cells to grow into ‘cakes’.

The ‘human meat’ is said to be cheaper than any animal alternative, meaning whole families can be fed for very little.

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At this point, it should be made clear that the show, titled Gregg Wallace: British Miracle Meat, is satire.

The programme aims to poke humour at the rising costs of food, as well as the cost of living crisis.

But it also raises the question about eating meat too – as the process animal meat goes through is just as disgusting.

Gregg Wallace: British Miracle Meat
Viewers have been left sickened after watching the bizarre new TV show Gregg Wallace: British Miracle Meat. Credit: Channel 4

In one particular scene, a retired worker named Gillian says she has sold her thigh for £200 as ‘it would pay for two weeks of energy bills’.

She also discusses ‘premium steak’, which consists of well-fed children under the age of six – reminder, no kids have been harmed in the making of this show.

After watching the Channel 4 programme, many people have taken to Twitter and said that it left them feeling disgusted.

One person tweeted: “There’s something very unpalatable about the Greg Wallace programme on channel 4 where they’re eating meat that’s been cultivated from human cells.”

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Another added: “Anyone watching Channel 4 right now with Gregg Wallace and lab-grown meat using human cells?

“Personally, I find it gross.”

Greg Wallace’s The British Miracle Meat on Channel 4 is like an episode of Black Mirror. Harvested human meat… is it April first?” somebody else questioned.

Not everyone was fooled by the programme though, with one viewer writing: “Must admit the Gregg Wallace British Miracle Meat mockumentary had me for the first 10-15mins.

“Shows where we are in this country that this is almost believable.”

Gregg Wallace: British Miracle Meat
Channel 4 viewers didn’t see the funny side of the programme. Credit: Channel 4

Following the programme’s criticism, Wallace has broken his silence and defended the ‘human meat’ mockumentary.

Sharing a promotional poster for the show, Wallace wrote: “Thank you for watching. I really enjoyed my first-ever acting job!”

As the criticism continued, he went on to caption a second image: “Satire.”

Gregg Wallace: British Miracle Meat is now available to stream on All4. 

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